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Who we are

We’re a tech savvy startup with a strong marketing machine made up of boaters, captains and marina owners. Boating is our passion; it’s in our DNA. This deep understanding of our industry that comes from 100 years of combined experience translates into your success. We’ve created a pathway for independent growth of your career in the marine industry.

Why we want you

Our program is designed to allow anyone to go boating; no matter how inexperienced they may be. It’s also designed to let boat owners rest easy knowing their Boatsetter-chartered boat is going to be in good hands. All of this requires you; the experienced Captain who has a strong work ethic and all the certifications to back it up. We want you to be a Boatsetter Captain.

Getting started is easy, free and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Real Boatsetter captains, Real Success

“I am primarily a fishing charter captain but have been doing some charters through recently. I’ve had a mix of people wanting to fish, cruise, and dive so it’s great to be able to use the right boat for the desired activity. Fishing is my passion but it’s nice to be able to change it up on my days off and make some extra money. Boatsetter is a great platform and I look forward to using it more.”

Captain Chase

“The charter company I work for works closely with so I’ve done some charters through the site. It’s been a great partnership allowing us to do some multiple day trips in the Bahamas and the Keys. The clients have been great and we are really happy with the partnership. The platform allows me to create my own little charter business to keep me busy on my days off. This is a huge breakthrough for the rental/charter business and for me personally.”

Captain Justin

“I have done over 10 charters through on a number of different boats and yachts over the last few months. It’s an incredible program for me to fill in the off days with charters and supplement my income. My “virtual fleet” is well maintained and diverse and customers are happy with the service. I would highly recommend this program to other captains.”

Captain Ryan

Why over 1,200 captains have already joined Boatsetter


The freedom to create your own destiny…work as little or as much as you want. Specialize in the types of boating excursions that you love. Develop your own schedule. Grow a fleet as big (or small) as your life commands.


Connect with our boat owners who are looking for professional captains, just like you. Boatsetter is a vast online community of boaters, boat owners and captains; it’s free to join and access to this ever-growing group is invaluable.

Earn More, Work Less

Take your career to the next level by becoming a Boatsetter Affiliate. You can put a virtual fleet out on the water earning money for you through your Affiliate Network. It’s free with no obligation to join and the perfect way to take your career to the next level. Learn more about the Boatsetter Affiliate Program Now.


It’s a long term partnership we’re hoping for. We’ll be working together every step of the way. We do that and much more. Payment processing, calendar management tools and comprehensive free online courses, we’re not just rooting for your success; we’re making it happen!

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