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“Being a Boatsetter captain has allowed me to grow my career as a fishing charter captain. Fishing is my passion and I’ve been able to turn into my full-time job. Thanks Boatsetter!.”

Captain Chase

“Boatsetter boat rentals are the perfect way to supplement my income. My “virtual fleet” is well maintained and diverse and customers love the service. I highly recommend this to other captains.”

Captain Ryan

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to join?

No! It’s free and easy to join the Boatsetter captain network. Got five minutes and a captain’s license?

How does it work?

You create your online profile and connect with boat owners on our site. Rental requests are sent to you and you accept/decline the trip. Boom, you’re earning $’s!

How can I grow my career with Boatsetter?

Now that’s a great question! We support you with tips, tools and secret sauce to get you working as much (or as little) as you want. Ready to go?

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