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2016 - Yamaha 242 Limited S

24 feet

Up to 8 Passengers

50 Gallon Tank (Gas)

2 Engines (Jet Drive)

$625 for weekdays This boat is brand spanking new with all of the bells and Whistles. It our baby and we know you will love it. This is the year where Yamaha had listened to the past 5 years of comments from owners of this series boat and added essentially everything. It's hands down the most easy to use technologically advanced, comfortable luxury sport lake boat on the market. We will meet you at the Dock and fully train you on the boat, do's and dont's and rules of the lake. This boat can technically hold 10 people, but with the thin air at elevation it wont do over 20 mph with that many people on it. 6 or 8 people is optimal. especially if you want to do any skiing. - QTY 4 color matched black fenders for parking against dock - corner dock mounted rolling fenders at slip entry to aid in smooth parking. - All day in and out with easy access slip. - convenience store on dock with drinks, food and other sundries. - wet storage behind rear wet deck lounge seats. - Head (room not toilet) for cooler and other storage. - Under seat storage everywhere. - Huge center floor storage compartment. - Bimini shades almost the entire mid deck - Premium marine plush carpet throughout - Two comfy reclined bow loungers turn into optional day bed by adding leafs (under front seats). - Optional front facing jump style seats in bow by removing small pads (kids love them) - Two amazing Lounge seats and lower seats on rear wet deck (our favorite place to chill) - Dining table clips on stern wet deck or mid deck wall. - Ladders at Bow and stern wet deck. - Depth Finder built into connect X screen - Awesome stereo system - Blue tooth connection to stereo - Built in secondary stereo control accessible from water from stern wet deck (game changer when you and your friends are floating around of the back). - 14 cup holders! - Solar cell trickle charger on bimini helps radio last 30% longer without killing the batteries. - Throttle control is all digital to make for super smooth start and stop and no mistakes. - Dual jet motors for 360 HP - Easy access to impeller clean-outs should you suck up some weeds or rope (auto kills engine when being accessed) - Steering rudder centered between jets (new for 2016) for ultra tight turning at low speed and better high speed directional control. - O to 30 in 4.2 sec - 2.7 sec till boat planes out BY REQUEST: Optional: Tow behind toys ($30 for 2 person tube - $30 for skiis - $40 for wakeboard) which come with the relevant ropes. Also we can provide some amazing homemade food for you and your party by request. * all optional add costs will be charged with the gas after your rental. ** fuel costs are you responsibility, just return it with as much gas as it had when we gave it to you OR we can charge you by what's missing + $15 convenience fee. The full tank is $240 (lake gas pricing) When you drop off, we will just get your signature regarding gas used and charge it to your card through boatbound. If you plan on running the entire day vs sitting, you should assume you will use a full tank.


  • Dive platform
  • Inverter
  • Shade
  • Ski tow bar
  • Stereo/ ipod
  • Depth finder
  • Fishing
  • Waterskiing
  • Dining
  • Snorkeling
  • Cruising
  • Sightseeing
  • Ski Boat
  • Navigation lights
  • Water sports


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