5 Places You Need to Add to Your 2019 Bucket List

Written by Mariah Hoefle
January 7, 2019

Which destinations are on your 2019 bucket list? This year is guaranteed to be filled with exciting trips regardless of where you choose to vacation, but there are some that, if not on the list already, deserve some serious consideration. Here they are in no particular order!

San Diego, California

California is perhaps the state with the most diverse range of people and topography in the entire country. The diversity is fully reflected in the San Diego experience. It’s the kind of place that seemingly has everything to offer. Fun on the sea, whale watching, museums, amusement parks, and incredible food. San Diego is the kind of place where you can do whatever you want however you want to do it.

Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida is the kind of place where everyone in the family can have a fantastic time. Or even if you don’t have any young ones in tow, you can enjoy an immersive experience in this rich destination. Whether you spend the day at Busch Gardens or cruise your way through the Tampa Bay with Boatsetter, you definitely want to tick Tampa off your list of places to go in 2019.

Ibiza, Spain

Across the pond and down the way, you have Ibiza, Spain. Ibiza is known for its crystal blue waters and incredible nightlife. You can—and should—experience the waters with Boatsetter while you’re in pure paradise. Maybe even consider dancing the night away at one of the internationally renowned clubs in the area! With just the beautiful waters and nightlife alone, this region of Spain is an ideal combination.

The Hamptons, New York

If you haven’t been to the Hamptons, you will enjoy finding out why so many make this their go-to destination for the ultimate in northeastern U.S. relaxation. The appeal is found in its quaint, yet tastefully modern touches that fully pay homage to the past. And at the shore, you have the dark blue waters of the ocean calling your name to explore.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The breathtaking beaches and abundant sea life of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico alone are reason enough to pay it a visit in 2019. Los Cabos snorkeling is one of the most unforgettable adventures you’ll experience! With the variety of fish, the stunning views, and the warm climate, you’re certain to gain the ultimate adventure.

The year 2019 will be full of promise and adventure! Whether you want to relax, cruise the waters, eat to your heart’s desire, or party like a rock star, Tampa, the Hamptons, Ibiza, San Diego, and Cabo guarantee to have what you need.

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