48 Hours in Bali

For most people, the word “Bali” is synonymous with paradise. And there is no reason for it not to be. With almost perfect weather year-round, some of the best beaches in the world and incredible diversity of flora and fauna, it is no surprise that so many people want go there. It is one of those places that you could spend a month, but if you aren’t as lucky to have that much time, we will give you the insider’s guide for where to stay, where to kick back in the sand and how to get around in just 48 hours in Bali!

The Right Place to Stay

The island is much bigger than most people realize and location is key. Most tourists find themselves in Kuta, which is the party capital of the island, but far from the idyllic vision people have of the island. For the young backpacker, and adventure seeker, it is definitely worth spending a night or two enjoying the thriving bars and clubs, but definitely do not stay there. It is loud at all hours and a good night’s sleep is a difficult challenge. Instead, many travelers will be much more comfortable in Seminyak—a short drive from the party zone of Kuta—and situated close to the beaches. This area is much more upscale and features excellent restaurants, cafes and bars. And if you do plan on spending more than a day or two in the southern part of the island then renting a villa is a must.

So Many Beach Options

Whether you are a surfer, a fisher, a lounger or a combination of all three, Bali has options for you. Most parts of the southern region of the island have beaches located anywhere from a few miles to a few meters from where you are staying. The season can affect how nice each one is though so ask your hotel and take their advice on where to go to. It is definitely worth a little drive to go to the perfect beach. It should be no surprise that Bali is also home to some incredible fishing. Get the best captain you can because you definitely need to spend at least a morning or afternoon out on the boat because you can catch some seriously huge fish and get it prepared local style!

Getting Around

There are two things in Bali that are a must: a motorbike and GO-JEK. Traffic in the southern part of the island can be a nightmare, and you can get stuck in a taxi for an hour just going short distances. If you have the courage, zoom around on a motorbike and avoid this hassle. Go-Jek is a delivery service app and they do nearly everything! It is English-based and they can deliver food from restaurants, pick you up from the airport, or can even go to the pharmacy and pick up medicine for you if you happen to fall ill. Best of all, their service is extremely cheap, reliable and you can keep track of your driver’s location all on the app.

The Perfect Vacation

When you arrive at Denpasar Airport, take a deep breath and get ready for the heaven on earth that is Bali. If you follow these tips, you’ll have an incredible vacation and definitely want to stay longer than 48 hours. You might even just cancel your flight back home! There is no better way to experience Bali, then by sailboat. Here are some of the latest trends to look for when you are about to embark on your adventure around the island.


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