Insider Boating Tips – Best Places in Florida to Raft Up

Let’s face it, us boaters; we’ll spend every free moment we can find out on the water. It doesn’t matter what we do as long as we do it on the water! But, when we want to kick a party off, we start thinking about the best places to “raft up.” That’s where the real fun happens! Best Places to Raft Up in Florida Florida has no shortage of raft up opportunities. From the Panhandle to the Florida Keys…the places to choose from for a chance to socialize with other boaters are in abundance. Whether you are looking for something to do on the upcoming Labor Day Weekend or just in the mood for some weekend fun, check out this list of hot spots in Florida and get ready to mingle. Seeking out the cutting edge of fun, we’re boaters, that’s just what we do! Sidebar: What Does Raft Up Mean? Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know the answer…But be glad you asked; this is something you need to know. The true or original meaning of the term “raft up” meant a group of boaters tied their boats together to stay close together and create a raft-like structure that serves as the foundation for a social gathering (read: Party). Today’s boaters don’t necessarily mean raft up when they say raft up, they might just mean hang out close together often by a sand bar, but the social aspect  is the key. So, if you need some suggestions on where to raft up…here they are. And, if you know of a great spot that’s not listed here, it’s mandatory to share. We promise to behave! Whale Harbor Island Sand Bar in Islamorada, The Florida Keys – Located just off the marked channel coming into Whale Harbor in the Upper Florida Keys, the Sand Bar at Whale Harbor in Islamorada is not for introverts. This is a true party spot and fun is almost guaranteed to be had by all. Crab Island in Destin, Florida – Located on Florida’s Panhandle near Destin, Crab Island appeals to locals and visitors alike. The waist high, crystal clear waters make for lots of fun and boaters can found congregating here on almost any clear day. Crab Island is a great destination for snorkeling, water toys and offers areas that are family friendly. Peanut Island in Palm Beach, Florida – Peanut Island is a great spot to raft up for families and party goers alike. With an abundance of marinas and amenities nearby, this area offers something for every type of boater. The sandbar is near the Lake Worth, Florida Inlet. Haulover Sandbar in North Miami Beach, Florida – Boats, beers and bikinis – that’s how this Miami-style fun kicks off almost every weekend, year round. Located between the ocean inlet and an uninhabited island officially named Sandspur but known to the local set as “Beer Can Island,” the Haulover Sandbar is the place to raft up if you are in the Miami area ready to party. Ski Island in Cape Canaveral, Florida – Located on the Banana River just minutes away from the popular Kelly Park in Cape Canaveral, Florida is Ski Island also know as Merritt Island. Boaters raft up here every weekend to take in the boating festivities. As you daydream about going boating soon, you might pose the following questions: Do I have to own a boat to enjoy the Florida Sandbar parties? Do I have to know how to operate a boat to rent one? The answer to both questions is no! Boat rentals in Florida are now available to everyone regardless of boating experience and without any ownership required. It’s worth considering for experienced boaters as well; if you’d like to leave the driving up to a captain and spend your time socializing or if your boat is just not big enough to hold your entire crew. Renting a boat may be the solution to your party-seeking needs. Okay so, that’s a short list of places to raft up in Florida; we could go on forever about this topic. Have any hot raft up spots to share? Let us know – maybe we’ll see you out there this weekend! Image Credit: Boca Ciega Yacht Club -


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