How to make your boat listing ahhh-mazing!

Listing your boat for charter with Boatsetter? Great choice! The extra income will be a great way to help pay for storage, maintenance or the latest and greatest fish finder you’ve been dreaming about… Creating an optimized boat listing is key to attracting potential boaters.  Following are three, easy steps that will help you show off your boat in all its glory. Boat Listing Success Tips A picture is worth 1,000 words. When creating your profile, be sure to put your best image forward. As potential charterers browse through options for their next boating adventure, great pics of your boat will stop them in their browsing tracks. Be sure to include a variety of shots of both the interior and exterior of your boat. Details. Details. Details.  Don’t undersell the details of your amazing boat! Keep in the forefront boat features that might appeal to a potential boater like sun roofs, passenger capacity, toys and accessories, dive platforms, fish finders and much more. What else? You know your boat better than anyone… Show me the money. Listing your boat for rent with Boatsetter is a perfect way to earn a new source of income that can be used to offset the costs of boat ownership. When setting the price for chartering your boat, it’s important to choose a price point that you are happy with (of course) but also one that is comparative to other boats in the range. A quick search on will help you determine what will keep you competitive and calculate the price point want to be at. There’s no charge to list your boat with Boatsetter and you, as the owner, will always be the final say regarding who charters your boat and when. Additional peace of mind is found with the experienced Boatsetter Captains to choose from and comprehensive insurance during charters as well as many other great benefits. As you begin the process of creating your boat’s listing, the simple tips outlined above will help you showcase your amazing boat and, ultimately, add to your success in the Boatsetter program. Boaters: what are you looking for in a boat when you begin your charter planning process? Inquiring boat owners want to know...


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