Boat Rental By Owner means More Variety and Better Quality of Boats for Renters

If you’ve ever rented a boat from a fleet at a marina, you may have been left disenchanted with the whole idea of boat rental. From scuffed up hulls and ripped sails to broken cleats and unreliable engines; these are the things that may come to mind when the subject of boat rental comes up. Thanks to the fairly new concept of boat rental by owner, the process has become stress-free, better quality and worth another consideration. What is boat rental by owner? Boat rental by owner means that the boat belongs to a private individual rather than a company that rents it out on a daily basis to anybody that walks into the marina. When you rent a boat from the actual owner, you can be assured that the boat is fully functioning and well-maintained. Boats must be kept up-to-date on maintenance and have all required safety features onboard. Likewise, potential renters must fill out a questionnaire and be pre-approved. This eliminates renters who may be unreliable. You can even meet with the owner beforehand to ask questions and go over any special features of the boat. Choices, choices, choices Renting a boat by owner also provides more choices as far as make and model of boat. You can rent anything from a kayak, canoe and bass boat to a center console, catamaran and luxury yacht. You aren’t likely to find a 60-foot Sea Ray Sundancer or a decked out 42-foot sportfish in a typical rental fleet. Where to go and what to do Rent a boat by owner in prime boating and travel destinations around the United States. Cruise the Intracoastal Waterway or indulge in a luxury yachting experience in Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida. Explore the sites, scenery and tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay around Annapolis, Maryland. If you’re heading west, check out Newport Beach, California’s Newport Harbor, one of the largest recreational boating destinations on the west coast. Whether you plan to fish, dive, water ski or spend the day lounging on the sun deck, boat rental by owner gives you the choices and convenience of the boating lifestyle without the hassle of boat ownership or the headache of marina fleet rentals. Boat rental by owner can be found at


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