Swipe right on this boat! How to find your perfect boat rental match…

You’ve got your crew ready, a cooler full of snacks, and the boating destination of a lifetime mapped out. Now all you need now is a bit of help with the perfect boat rental choice! With so many options, your boat rental choice might seem overwhelming. Scrolling through the vast variety of size and style configurations can leave you more confused than you were when you started. But don’t sweat it. We’ll walk you through the easiest way to drill down on that boat rental choice for your boating adventure.z

Swipe right on this boat: Here's how to make the perfect boat rental choice!

Location - So where are we headed? Determining location goes a long way toward makeing the right boat rental choice. If you’re headed for a long trek across the Caribbean, you’ll want a bigger boat than if you’re spending an afternoon tubing or waterskiing at your local lake. For a fun-filled afternoon on the water, you can probably forgo the massive yacht. Unless of course you’re hosting an extended family reunion! A day of deep-sea fishing, on the other hand, requires a certain level of comfort. If your boat rental is too small and light and you’re fishing in some serious chop, you might start to feel like you’re on a carnival ride—not exactly fun when you’re trying to hook the catch of a lifetime. If you’re planning on diving or snorkeling, you’ll want enough room on deck to store your gear. Similarly, anglers will need room for fishing gear and storage space for all that catch! Duration - Whether you’re spending a few days out at sea or an afternoon at your local fishing hole will determine your boat rental choice size. Will you need indoor accommodations, or is a smaller vessel just the thing for a leisurely day on the water? Keep in mind indoor accommodations, such as beds, bathroom facilities and a functional galley are absolutely essential for longer trips. Tank Capacity - If your boat rental will be traveling a long distance, be sure to choose a boat that is well equipped for long-distance cruising. A bigger tank will allow you to travel long stretches without having to constantly fuel up. Crew Size - Who’s coming on board? Ensuring that all passengers can live comfortably on the boat for the duration of the trip means more than you realize when you’re out at sea. If your trip involves an overnight stay, at the very least make sure everyone has a suitable place to sleep. Boats are rated based on recommended capacity for the vessel. This is a measure of safety, but that top number might not be comfortable for a longer trip. Make your boat rental adventure fun for everyone on board by staying well below max capacity. Keep in mind that everyone’s personal comfort level differs. If you’re bringing new and inexperienced boaters on board, you’ll want to take extra care to ensure that their first experience on the water is a great one. Plan ahead and plan smart, and your boat rental can be a match made in heaven! What’s Cooking? There’s nothing like a good meal out at sea. Make sure your boat rental has the right cooking capacity for you and your crew. Is there enough space to cook that delicious meal you’re planning? The last thing you want is to stock a boat rental full of food preparations it isn’t equipped to handle. Whatever your plans, Boatsetter has thousands of boats available to help you embark on the ultimate boating adventure. Our extensive fleet features privately-owned boats for rent located worldwide that can be chartered for short or long trips. Begin your Search for the perfect boat rental now —you’re guaranteed to find the right boat to fit your needs!


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