The Ultimate Guide to Packing The Perfect Boat Rental Cooler

As summer winds down and we think about the endless days of holiday entertainment ahead, it’s important to devise a good escape plan. Whether you plan to ditch your relatives for a fun-filled day of boating, or you’re actually thinking of bringing them along on your boat rental, one thing’s for certain—you’re going to need a bigger boat rental cooler. Deciding what foods to pack in your boat rental cooler can be difficult. Nobody wants a rotten chicken salad or soggy sandwiches. So whether your boat rental is on a sailboat, a high-powered ski boat, or a crowd-pleasing pontoon boat with the whole crew, the perfectly-packed boat rental cooler can seal the deal on an amazing experience.

Here's your guide to packing the perfect boat rental cooler (you're welcome!):

Chill Out: Cold foods are the most practical option for your boat rental cooler (despite what your mother-in-law says). If you’re going to be out on the water for several hours, these can keep you active throughout the day. Think trays of cold cuts, cheese, sliced sausage, cold rotisserie chicken, sandwiches, wraps, and salads—all great options for a day on the water. Use space-efficient containers or zip locks and you’ll still have room for ice. Warm Up: Hot meals on your boat rental require a little more planning. But sometimes planning is what it takes to make everyone happy. And, not to rub it in, but you invited all of them. So now it’s time to make them all happy. Don’t worry—it’s not as hard as it sounds! Bring foods that can be cooked in advance and cooled, then reheated on the boat. Easy, peasy! A slow cooker or electric roaster is a great option for casseroles (or even hot dogs and hamburgers). Freeze: Keeping things cold  inside your boat rental cooler is mission critical. Block ice lasts longer than cube ice, but also takes up more space. Consider freezing a few water bottles; you can use them to keep your food cold (and also drink them when they thaw). Bag It: Don't overload your boat rental cooler with "unnecessaries." Nobody needs ice-cold bread and trail mix. Keep non-perishables in a separate container. Now you have room for an extra cheese tray, and nobody will come crying to you about their frozen nuts. Pack It In: Ideally, bring boat rental cooler for beverages and another for food. The beverages cooler is one you’ll be taping into often, so it’s best to keep it separate from the food. Not only will you prevent warm air from constantly seeping in, but you’ll also save yourself the trouble of having to dig through containers of food every time you need a drink. There you have it— sounds so simple, doesn't it? Just a little preparation goes a long way toward making your boating adventure fun, comfortable and family-drama-free. Now that your boat rental cooler plan is mapped out and all you need is your boat rental. Boatsetter has the perfect boat for any occassion. Whether you need a sailboat charter for a week in the BVI's, a fishing charter for a day in Miami or a pontoon boat rental in Fort Lauderdale, you'll find those options and many more at  Grab your cooler, and get ready to set sail. (Just don't forget the ice!)


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