Fact: Boaters Make Better Bosses!

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
December 27, 2017

Do you know why boaters make better leaders? Could it be something in the water? More likely it’s because they know the BEST ways to schmooze their teams, clients and VIPS…a boat rental event. And what better way to build camaraderie and exercise leadership skills than on a boat rental cruising full speed ahead? Bring your team, book your boat rental event, and get ready to experience team building at its finest!

3 reasons to make your next team building event a boat rental event:

Communication is Key – Being out on the water teaches you a lot more than just navigational coordinates! Getting your team to communicate effectively is not rocket science, but it can certainly feel that way at times. Experienced skippers have the upper hand. They know how to communicate clearly and directly with their crew, how to delegate efficiently, and how to guide their boat rental event toward safe harbor.

Being out on the water and experiencing the wind in your sails is a great way to facilitate team comraderie and bonding. Pay close attention and you might even be able to gauge where your team stands in terms of integration. Is your ship headed for smooth waters, or is a major iceberg threatening your team’s voyage?

Teamwork: The Name of the Game – Your boat rental event is the ultimate lesson in teamwork. Here’s a creative idea: bring a stack of notecards and have everyone write something positive about the person next to them. (Bonus points for nautical doodles!) Then have everyone read their affirmations out loud. The goal is to discover each other’s strengths in a relaxing and natural environment…out on the water, everyone’s attitude changes!

Success  = Celebration –  Celebrate your achievements together with a boat rental event and your team will never forget it. A single day spent on a boat rental can do more to lift spirits than weeks of team-building in a conference room. Get out on the water and experience the true value of teamwork.

Boatsetter has fleets of boats available to help you show off your team building schools.

Reserve your boat rental event today. Then get ready to experience the ultimate in team-bonding!

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