Boat rentals can get you on and under the water.

Few things are more satisfying than splashing in for a cool swim on a hot summer day. Maybe you’re doing a cannonball off your dock, jumping into the ocean with your SCUBA gear, or taking a welcome dip during a weekend boat rental trip. While you’re down there, take a quick look at the local scenery (or a longer look, if you’re the lucky SCUBA diver). Regardless of your locale, the underwater landscape holds quite a few hidden treasures.

Boat Rentals can get you on and under the water!

Rent a boat and head out to your favorite destination whether it happens to be on the water, under the water or even dockside...we know you'll love checking out these cool underwater spots while you wait for your chance to go boating! Mesmerizing Musea Atlantica -- For starters, dive into the eastern Atlantic Ocean just off the Canary Islands. Using your SCUBA gear, swim down through crystal clear water until you reach the ocean floor. There, you’ll find the Musea Atlantica, an artfully designed sculpture collection winding through an underwater botanical garden. The brainchild of wildly creative artist and underwater photographer Jason deCaires Taylor, Musea Atlantica features more than 300 highly lifelike sculptures. Picture dozens of human-like forms rise from the ocean’s bottom. Some seemingly stationary and others appearing to stride through the swaying grasses. The sculptures serve as attachment points for coral sand, other marine life and the carefully arranged pieces have also become a popular gathering spot for the local fish population. Learn more about the Musea Atlantico and other interesting underwater sculpture projects by Jason deCaires Taylor. Megayacht with an Underwater View – If swimming among Canary Islands sculptures doesn’t float your boat, the 273-foot Feadship megayacht “Savannah” might grab your attention. Built at the firm’s Aalsmeer, Netherlands facility, this “eco-friendly” floating palace sports a knife-edge bow and super-efficient propulsion system. Together, these enhancements produce a 30 percent fuel savings over comparable vessels. However, “Savannah’s” real appeal lies in her first-of-its-kind underwater lounge. Located on the vessel’s port side, and adjacent to an inviting swimming pool, the lounge boasts ultra-thick glass to withstand the substantial hull pressures. Lucky passengers relax on luxurious furniture while ogling colorful fish (likely including sharks) who curiously investigate this unusual neighborhood visitor. Wonder if this knock-your-socks-off yacht might be available for a boat rental? [embed][/embed] Airbnb Beneath the Sea–If you’re angling for unusual Airbnb experiences, your short list should include a stay in the Paris Aquarium’s 800,000-gallon shark habitat. Here, you’ll sleep in an enclosed glass fishbowl while 35 of these impressive fish cruise just feet away. Fred Buyle, an avid shark enthusiast and record-breaking free diver, will co-host this distinctive lodging experience with a marine biologist. Believe it or not, you can’t book this uber-cool sleeping space, as it’s the grand prize in an already-completed Airbnb Ireland contest. However, if you’re hooked on the sharing concept that Airbnb has mastered – and you love being on the water – you can also get out on the water with a boat rental from boat sharing leader, Boatsetter. This popular boat sharing company offers boaters the platform to connect with area boat owners and rent privately owned boats locally and around the world. Choose a boat that suits your style and budget, and book your trip with or without a captain. Then hop aboard for some exploring of your own!


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