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Boat trip soon? Don’t forget your packing list!

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
January 4, 2018

Alright! The time is here and you are ready for to set sail on your next trip. Well, before you cast off, you better make sure you have everything on this boat packing list. We are here to ensure  that you are well-equipped whether it is for a few hours for the afternoon or for a few weeks at sea!

1) The Right Captain

How do you even pack a captain? Really, this should be the first thing on your list before you even consider getting on board. Are you going to be piloting this vessel yourself or are you hiring?

Either way, you want to make someone qualified is behind the wheel. This isn’t just about safety. The right captain knows the best places to see and where to stop along the way. They are the difference between a good and great excursion.

2) The Right Clothes

Figuring out the boat packing list can be extremely tough. What what you wear is determined largely by the weather which changes very quickly at sea. Whether you are sailing across Alaska or the Caribbean, you need to be sure to protect against the sun.

Depending on the temperature, you will want a windbreaker (or jacket) and a hat to block against the sun. And naturally you are going to want everything to be at least water-resistant.

3) The Right Food

Even if you are an expert fisherman, by the time you bait, hook, clean and prepare a fish, that may be a few hours. In the meantime, you need something a little more substantial on your boat packing list. Chips, crackers and nuts are okay, but they don’t really attack the root of your hunger. And if you are worried about packing too much, you can always share some with your boatmates or use it as bait!

4) The Right Attitude

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Let’s face it, sometimes sailing can be rough. The weather can get bad, rain can show up, or the seas can be rough. Whatever it is, take it all as part of the adventure. It really is a part of the fun. Do you really want to sail across boring, placid waters?

A little jauntiness helps makes things a lot more interesting and your captain always knows when conditions are too rough and you should turn around.

5) The Right People

Even if you have chartered a fairly large boat, there still often isn’t that much room on there. The You have signed yourself up from an extended period of time and occasionally not the best conditions.

The most essential thing on your boat packing list needs to be the people. The right people make all the difference. If you are with a gang of friends laughing at every wave and joking it up, even a day of bad weather and no fish can be fun. Likewise, the wrong people can ruin even a great haul.

What You Really Need

No boat packing list is complete without chartering the right boat. You don’t have to go crazy and rent a megayacht (unless you want to!), but you do need to make sure you have the right boat for your needs. There is no use is renting a fishing vessel if you are trying to water ski all day. So talk with captain and choose wisely about what is going to best best for your day out at sea.

To help you choose what vessel might be best for you, then check out some of these latest trends in boats!

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