Boatsetter Captain Interview: Meet Captain Roberto

Meet Captain Roberto, one of our top performing Boatsetter captains! There's nothing he loves more than spending a day on the water, and he owns his own boat. Captain Roberto has incredible reviews on our site, whether it's finding a secluded spot on the bay for lunch or bringing pool toys for kids to have fun on the sandbar.

Read on for tips from one of our top Boatsetter captains!

How did you get into boating?

My family always owned boats, so I grew up around boats my entire life.

What are some ways captains can give their passengers the best experience possible?

I like my guests to be part of the trip, I show them where the life jackets, fire extinguisher, and the flairs are, and give general information about the boat. While navigating, I let them know the meaning of the signs, colors, speed, and danger zone etc.

What’s your favorite thing to do out in the water in your boat?

I like to show my guests new places like Oleta River, Indian Creek, Bay side and the Miami River--not just the sand bar in Balharbor.

Do you have advice for anyone who’s never been on a boat and is considering their first trip with Boatsetter?

I always tell them: let your Captain show the best places, or take advantage on this trip and learn how to drive a boat.

What’s been your favorite Boatsetter trip so far?

I have been very lucky because I had a few bachelorette parties, and I take great pride in protecting the girls and making the trip very safe. At the end, not only the trip is great, but they recommended both Boatsetter and me to their friends.


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