Boatsetter Vacation Planner: An Ibiza Boat Charter is Cheaper than a Hotel

Spring is already in full swing and whether you are ready for a little Spring break or prepping for your summer vacation, there is no better destination than Ibiza. For most travelers, cost is one of the biggest headaches and as such a popular destination accommodation on the Spanish island don’t come cheap. That’s why Boatsetter is here to give you the short list on why you should consider chartering a boat instead. You’ll save money and have the flexibility to go wherever you want!

1) High Costs

Ibiza isn’t actually a cheap place to stay. Of course, you might be able to find a janitor’s closet to stay, but the average quality hotel costs around $350 per night and during peak times of the year that number only goes up. Combine that with meals and transportation either on land or sea and you are spending some serious dough!  

2) So Many Boat Options

There are a huge amount of boat options for any budget level. Just a few examples include ships like Feeling Lucky and the Gold Digger are two examples of excellent ships that include everything you need from food and alcohol to all the toys you could possibly want for while you are on the water. Not only that, you’ll have your own private guide of the island. What more could you want? Best of all is that often you'll get a better deal if you use the boat for several days than just a few hours. Split with a few friends you can really save some cash. Even better--you might be able to get a better deal on the boat if you're taking a multi-day trip, even further reducing your vacation costs.

3) Access:

Ibiza may have some of the world’s greatest nightlife, but it also has some of the best wildlife as well. With your own private charter, it is much easier to see more remote parts of the islands than having to journey out from your hotel every day. You can even journey out to the some of the incredible other nearby islands and see the incredible nature reserves off the coast of the island.

Do Something Different

Chartering your own boat is an opportunity to really do something unique in Ibiza. No matter where you go, most hotels—-no matter how nice they are— are basically all the same. With your own ship, you are able to go wherever you want, whenever you want. It gives you the opportunity to really be behind the wheel of your vacation and create the adventure you have always wanted.


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