Over 50% of Boatsetter customers are under 45 in boat-sharing industry

The boating industry is the latest to join the sharing economy trend via Boatsetter, which combines the rental mechanics of Airbnb with the on-demand labor dynamics of Uber.  Boatsetter, an international peer-to-peer boat sharing company, is quickly gaining traction with the millennial generation who are looking to experience life without owning major assets like boats. “Boatsetter is a full service company providing an unforgettable experience on the water that is available to everyone,” said Pablo Vidal, chief marketing officer of Boatsetter. “We offer over 3,900 boats, 1,500 captains and have a 24-hour free cancellation policy in place to ensure our customers have the best possible experience wherever their travels may take them.” The startup is continuing to grow as a part of the $121 billion marine industry and is looking for boat owners, captains, marinas, yacht clubs, hotels and resorts to assist in their rapid worldwide expansion. Boatsetter currently has boats stationed in most large coastal cities, popular lake front attractions, spring break hotspots and Mediterranean honeymoon locations. From Delray Beach, West Palm Beach and up to Jupiter Beach Park, tourists and locals can reserve accommodations via Airbnb, get around on land via Uber and are now able to travel the waterways with Boatsetter to create a memorable getaway experience. Sharing assets can now make a getaway vacation less of a hassle when trying to decide if a family is flying or driving to their destination. “We provide a new service in the boating industry, which brings together boat owners, boat captains and people who want to be out on the water and may not want to purchase a boat,” said Vidal. “We are now making the boating industry more available to the younger generations through our innovative. Many boat owners are aging and have boats that are located in vacation destinations. When they’re not using their boats, they can be listed on Boatsetter’s website. According to Boatsetter, the baby boomer generation is now the largest population of boat owners as there are twice as many owners over 60 years of age as there are under 40 years of age. Boatsetter is now bringing an unforgettable experience to the younger generation. Approximately 36 percent of the customers coming to Boatsetter are under the age of 34, with a total of 58 percent being under the age of 45. This identifies a change and transformation of the marine industry regarding boat ownership compared to those who are willing to rent. The process is simple to find the type of reservation needed to fit any vacationers’ needs. Customers can go to Boatsetter.com, type in the location, choose either a captained or solo trip, type of boating experience desired and then prepare for an unforgettable experience on the water.


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