#LeapIn to Boat Rentals – It’s the best way to celebrate leap year!

Once every four years a magical day appears on the calendar.  Here are some fun facts about Leap Day: In Ireland, Leap Day is the day women ask men to marry them. The chances of being born on Leap Day are 1 in 1,461. And, leap year babies (called leaplings) are said to possess magical powers. All that may be true but if we have an extra day this year, we're going to rent a boat and head out on the open waters! That's just how we roll here at Boatsetter. Boat rentals are one of the best ways we know get out on the water this Leap Day or anytime this Leap Year. All you have to do is #LeapIn. Haven't been boating lately? Wondering how to get out there when you don't own a boat? Check out the best way to rent a boat...boat sharing. Boat sharing makes boating a more accessible and better option than ever before. Here's how boat sharing makes boat rentals better:
  • Your Boat Rental is private. This isn't sitting shoulder to shoulder with tourist-types on a tour of the city skyline. This is your own private boating experience for a half day, a full day or even an extended time frame...for you and your crew only.
  • Your Boat Rental will be more affordable than you might have guessed. Here's a challenge: add up your tab after dinner and a night on the town then compare it to a boat rental split between three couples. You'll be surprised how affordable boat sharing truly is! And the value of that dolphin sighting over the rim of your champagne glass? Who can even put a price on that.
  • You don't have to know how to operate a boat. Including a licensed captain with the boat rental erases that need and (more importantly) allows you to kick back, relax and enjoy your boating adventure.
Leap Day comes around only once every four years; it's a special day and we, here at Boatsetter say it requires some attention. Some special action. In fact, we feel it is our obligation to spend more time boating this Leap Year. Are you with us? Book your boat rental today and be sure to send us some pictures. Let's do this thing - It's time to go boating. Happy Leap Day! #LeapIn Today


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