Ditch The Cab And Sail Through These New York Spots This Summer

Written by Kristen Rogers
July 3, 2018

Swing out of the concrete jungle and sail down the city’s unbeaten path.

Summer is officially here, which means it’s time to ditch the big city lights and soak up that extended summer daylight. New York is a popular summer destination, particularly the city, but with rising heatwaves, it’s best to avoid the concrete at all costs. Although the city’s fast-paced hustle and bustle has a famous allure, New York state has so much more to offer. Beyond the crowded streets lie hundreds of wide open spaces just waiting to be seen. Boat through the boroughs, picnic at a beach, sail by the sites, and cruise to the offshore islands. There is no need to hail a cab when you can sail with Boatsetter through New York’s beautiful hidden gems.

Beaches Between The Boroughs

New York City is known for its boroughs that distinctly separate the city’s grid, but did you know that there are 14 miles of sandy beaches that outline them? The Big Apple is home to 8 beaches, some with boardwalks, that are all accessible by public transit and boat. If you need some quick R&R leave your laptop at home and sink your toes in the sand at one of these local beaches.

Cruise to an Island

In addition to the three principal islands of New York City, Manhattan Island, Staten Island and part of Long Island, each borough contains several smaller islands. New York City contains about 36-42 islands in total. Here are the unique ones worth cruising to:

  • The Blauzes – Their name means ‘Little Blue Ones’ in Belgian-French. These islands are a part of a reef (yes, a reef!) creating a foreign feel in a close to home place.
  • Canarsie Pol or Small Marshland Island – located offshore of the Canarsie Pier, this uninhabited island is the perfect picnic spot to stop at by boat or kayak.
  • Mau Mau Island – this island outside of Brooklyn is home to the annual Flux Factory DIY boat party, complete with a pop-up bar and “boat jousting”, which is ironically called it the Battle for Mau Mau Island.
  • Shooters Island – The boundary between NJ and NY runs through this island. If you’re a fan of birds, it is also home to a bird sanctuary! Did you know this was where one of the first news movie of all-time was shot in 1902? It was filmed under the direction of Thomas Edison and it featured the launch of a yacht for Wilhelm II.

Sail By The Sights

Flee the tourist trap streets during the summer season and experience the sights of the city on your choice of our privately owned New York fleet. Rent a boat, grab some friends, leisurely sail down the Hudson and enjoy incredible views of the city skyline from both sides. A quick trip out of Manhattan can double as a tour of the city’s unique history. Pass by Battery Park and head towards Ellis Island to not only see the Statue of Liberty but to better understand the journey immigrants made into the melting pot that is New York City. Cruise by Wall Street and the Sea Port to catch amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler Building, and Empire State Building. Put yourself in the captain’s seat and take in the incredible unobscured views that will make you feel like you own the city!

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