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Five signs boating might be your next obsession

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
December 5, 2017

If you’ve ever been out on the water, you know the feeling of freedom the wind in your sails brings and the sheer joy a waterfront seat for sunrise or sunset can offer. If you’ve never had the opportunity to go boating, here are a few signs that may be telling you that the boating lifestyle just may be your next big thing!

5 Signs Boating is for You

You go crazy when you spot seabirds, manatees, dolphins and other native wildlife.
Aquariums, zoos and marine mammal parks such as Sea World have nothing on real live natural habitats. Seeing a pod of dolphins jumping in a boat wake or a manatee munching on seagrass in natural habitats…these are experiences you and your family will remember forever.

You enjoy the thrill of sports such as swimming, snorkeling, waterskiing and tubing.
If you already like being in the water, such as at a pool or the beach, chances are you would enjoy the feeling of cruising through the beautiful blue water. Stop and explore small islands, swim in isolated coves or hook up the lines for the adventure and thrill of wakeboarding and tubing.

Casting a line into the water and pulling out a trophy size tuna or marlin is on your bucket list.
Whether you prefer a bass boat, a skiff or a deep sea sport fishing boat as your mode of transportation, the best way to reel in the big one is by getting out on the water. Fly fishing, spinning, bottom or deep sea fishing all make great day trips. If this is your sort of fun, you can charter a privately-owned boat with a captain and make it happen!

You like seeing the city skyline or coastline from new perspectives.
Boating doesn’t have to mean going full speed ahead all day long. Take in an evening or dusk cruise to enjoy the sunset, reflecting lights and the sights of the city from the water. Bring along the telescope. Stargazing from the water is a magical experience. On second thought, you might not even need that telescope.

You enjoy getting away from it all.
Being out on a boat gives you the freedom to go anywhere. Even though you may not be all that far from land, there’s something about a boat that makes you feel like you’re far away from all of your day-to-day stresses and responsibilities. Also, there’s no need for the Internet, television screens or gaming controls when you have all of these other activities at your disposal. Use this time to connect with the kids, family and friends.

If any of these five things are the topics of your daydreams, boating is probably the leisure activity for you. It’s certainly good (sometimes) clean fun and a great way to spend your days off. Make boating your passion today; you’ll never regret it!

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