If everyone else jumped in with Jason Taylor, would you?

Of course you would! Especially if there’s a chance to win a one of a kind SWAG bag that includes an autographed Miami Dolphins jersey and football among other things. Here’s all you have to do get entered to win: 1-Capture yourself on film (or video) jumping in. 2-Post, upload, tag with hashtag #JumpInWithJT 3-Boom - you’re entered to win! Your #Jumpin might look like: Or This: Or Even This: Get the picture? Now it’s time jump in and get entered. Have fun but keep it safe. Submit via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or upload directly to our contest page. Ready to get out on the water? Boatsetter offers thousands of boat rentals to choose from, in cities worldwide. Boat rental experiences can include a captain or experienced boaters may opt to go out on their own. Jumping in the ocean from the bow of a boat, now that’s the best way to get entered into our #JumpInWithJT Contest. #JumpIn Today 


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