4 Lessons Netflix Can Teach Us About Boat Rentals

Netflix has become a way of life for most of us. After a long week, it’s one of our top choices to help relax and unwind or just "chill" while binge-watching something binge-worthy! (Anyone still recovering from The Walking Dead season seven premier? Talk about gut-wrenching! But let's not digress!) The point is Netflix is more than a simple method of passing time. It moves us. It becomes our obsession. It is an experience. The mental and emotional release that we feel during a good marathon Netflix session is similar to the feeling we get when we embark on a boat rental adventure. And we can certainly draw some eerie similarities between Netflix and boat rentals!

4 Lessons Netflix Can Teach Us about Boat Rentals:

Try Something New - Just like when you’ve watched every episode of Daredevil. Twice. And the season three release date is still nowhere in sight. Netflix and boat rentals will force you to try something new! Whether you’re taking your first boat rental to the Bahamas, embarking on a romantic boating adventure, or getting ready to experience your very first deep sea fishing charter, trying new things is most definitely the way to go. Trust us—there’s A LOT of water to explore, and no reason to circle the same inlet over and over.

4.) Randomly Picking a New Netflix and Boat Rental Itinerary? Totally Acceptable!

And by “show,” of course, we mean adventure. Admit it—you loved Stranger Things (because Winona and also c’mon—how cool is Eleven?) Back to the point...sometimes randomly picking a show because Netflix recommends it is awesome.

3.) Netflix and boat rentals have this in common too!

Exit your comfort zone and plan a creative date night (that doesn’t involve Netflix! Sorry, not sorry), or book a yacht rental for a memorable weekend in the lap of luxury. Whatever wild adventure you can dream up, there’s a boat rental waiting to take you there!

2.) A Lot Can Happen in 23 Minutes!

Just ask Glenn. #TWD drama aside, we can guarantee that 23 minutes on a boat rental will have you feeling like new. There’s nothing like the experience of a cliffhanger series on Netflix and boat rentals? Well, we don’t want to get too poetic with “wind in your hair”-type phrases, but seriously, wind in hair is very good.

1.) Happiness is a Click Away!

Here's something to consider: Boatsetter has more boat rentals available than Netflix has TV shows. Netflix and boat rentals have perfected a way to make adventure easy! Just choose your boat with a captain or without and set sail! So what are you waiting for? Find a bingeworthy boat rental today!


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