The Perfect Three-day Weekend in Puerto Vallarta

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Despite being rather popular, Puerto Vallarta is still an underrated gem as a vacation destination. Not quite as famous as Cancun, Cozumel or Cabo, it never gets quite as overrun by tourists. As a result, there is always a fine balance between fun activities and a quiet places to take a rest on the beach. Nothing makes the experience better than a Puerto Vallarta boat rental, which really help you to make the most out of the wonderful area and do some great water spots. We are going to give you the best itinerary for the perfect three-day weekend.

Day 1: Getting the Lay of the Land

It all depends on what time of day you arrive. Puerto Vallarta pretty ideally located and you shouldn’t have to fly more than a few hours and connect through only one city to get down there. Once get you get settled, this is a good time to arrange your Puerto Vallarta boat rentals for the next couple days and then stroll through town to check out the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe and some of the other great historic sites before having a sunset cocktail and enjoying some of the nightlife.

Day 2: Enjoying the Seas

Although it is a lovely city, most people don’t go down there just for touring around some of the historic sites. The beach is where it's at, especially exploring the coast--here's where a Puerto Vallarta boat rental comes in. Start north and head along and out to where there is some great sport fishing. This is where you are definitely going to ensure you have the right captain who can show you some of the local secret spots. Afterwards you can head over to Banderas Bay or maybe check out some of the surfing in Bucerias. There are many great towns you can dock at for lunch or head back in the evening to enjoy more of Puerto Vallarta.

Day 3: South Shore

Yesterday you went north, so today, it's time to explore the famous south shore with a Puerto Vallarta boat rental! The best place to first take your boat is down to Los Arcos (The arches), this beautiful rock formation in the water is also home to great scuba and snorkeling. Whether you are swimmer or not, it is simply a great place to cruise on the boat. There are likewise many other great fishing spots in the area. Be sure to stop at Las Animas, one of the best beaches in the region and great place for an afternoon siesta. Puerto Vallarta sailing Puerto Vallarta is one of the best boating destinations in the world right now. With three days, you are just beginning to see some of the great things of the area. There is so much more to do both on and off the shore. So see if you can take a few more extra days and start and get to really the see the region. That’s the best way to get the most out of a Puerto Vallarta boat rental. Maybe you could even sail down to Acapulco! While you are down in Mexico, there are so many more places you can head to. Best of all, if you follow these tips you can even bring your dog with you!


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