Sail Into Autumn Through Our 6 Favorite Locations

There’s no better place to view the beautiful autumn colors than from the water. Whether you want to take in the view from the best American waterways, or you want to get away to international adventures for the autumn, there are tons of options for this season, and Boatsetter has got the perfect vessel for you!

Taking in the Autumn View in the U.S.

Boating is one of the best ways to explore the most beautiful parts of the U.S., especially in the autumn. Here are some of the top areas to check out:
  • Lake George, New York: This lake is called the “Queen of American Lakes” for a reason. She’s the largest lake in the Adirondacks, and the tree-lined view gives you a stunning look at gold and red mountainsides during the autumn. You can even take a “leaf peeping” boat tour to see the view with a knowledgeable guide, or rent one and venture on your own.
  • Lake Tahoe, California: You can’t talk about boating in the fall without mentioning Lake Tahoe. It’s a paradise of changing colors, birds migrating overhead, and meteor showers in the evening's thanks to the elevation. This is a hidden gem of the U.S. and our fleet matches it.
  • Saugatuck, Michigan: Michigan is a boater’s paradise, but if you’re looking for a quieter spot, check out the quaint Saugatuck. This smaller area has spectacular views, and tons of water to explore. It’s known as a hot spot for artists wanting to capture the fall sunset, so take a ride and see for yourself.
These three are just some of the amazing places to boat this autumn in the U.S.

International Boating Adventures for Fall

One of the best ways to celebrate the approach of winter is to enjoy the last bit of warmth in the Mediterranean. Here are some of the best areas to cruise:
  • Bodrum, Turkey: Gorgeous waters and luxury resort living meet superyacht lovers when they arrive in Bodrum, and our fleet meets all of these requirements. This area is a lovely combination of rustic tradition and modern pampering. The waters are a breathtaking deep blue during this time of year.
  • Gozo, Malta: A quieter place to stop during your autumn tour of Malta via superyacht, this area offers beautiful golden beaches and lots of historic sites to explore. The Mgarr Marina is a great place to stop between Malta and Italy, and the area is perfect for lovers of wine.
  • Chania, Crete: A large city that blends both Turkish and Venetian culture, this is a great spot for superyacht cruisers that want to experience the finer things when they step off one of our boat's. The waters are still warm and clear in the autumn, perfect for snorkeling, and the city is wonderful for exploring on foot.
You’ll find tons of other great places to boat in the Mediterranean in the autumn when the last of the warm summer sun still lights the way.   Get your boating adventure booked today with Boatsetter! It's the last hurrah before the winter settles in, autumn is the perfect time to enjoy your boat. Get your autumn boating trip planned so that you can relax and take in the view in a way that few ever get to experience.


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