The Latest Trends in Sailboats

Are you itching to try sailboating? Perhaps you are an expert sailor and just want to fine tune your skills on a new watercraft. Sailboat rentals offer you the opportunity to rent a sailboat and take it out on your own pace. In order for safe voyaging, certain aspects of the sailboat must be taken into consideration. Yacht World’s Soldboats Report for the summer of 2015, found US brokerage volume to be up overall (Source). And this stat only looks like it’s increased over the past two years. Let’s have a further look! A stern to stern inspection as well as a cockpit inspection are some of the more vital courses of action to take when looking to rent a sailboat. The latest trends in sailboats revel modern and technologically advanced cockpits which allow for total control. Some of the latest and fanciest sailboats feature a generously sized dodger over the companionway, a centrally located table, and tons of seating options throughout. These sailboats are designed to hold a number of passengers and with open walk-throughs, these sailboats are surprisingly spacious. Check out the latest feature of sailboats and trends in sailboat rental trends:
  • A drop-down transom
  • Convenient swim platform
  • Cockpit featuring a table
  • Mounted chartplotter
  • Mounted amidships for enhanced visibility
  • Lock for extra storage
If you are looking for an older sailboat, it will not have as many updated features on it, giving you a glimpse into what sailing was like for decades before technology came into view. If you are looking to rent a sailboat, look no further than a rental boat company. With the option for a captain, you can get the true sailing experience with full peace of mind. Gather your closest friends and family and embark on a journey that is sure to make lasting memories. With high tech materials and new construction techniques, trends in sailboats are varied from those in past decades. With more spacious interiors and various entertainment zones on the vessel, there is plenty of room to wonder about the ship without feeling cramped or crowded. Leaves your worries ashore, being on a sailboat give you a feeling like no other. Not only do you get a whole different experience than if you were on a powerboat, it is also more physically demanding so it’s almost like doing a workout! Some of the health benefits of sailing and breathing in the fresh salty air are:
  • Muscle strength
  • Endurance
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Mental wellness
  • Relaxation
  • Agility
  • Concentration
  • Peace of mind
If you do want a captain, feel free to request one when you book your sailboat rentals online. These experts will teach you the ropes (no pun intended) and show you how to own the water and dodge the waves.sailing is truly one of those life experience that must be tried in order to understand it. Ready to partake in some fun on the water? Boatsetter, the #1 boat rental community can help you get started on your journey to a more relaxed you.


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