Forget tailgating, try ‘Sailgating’ for the 2019 Super Bowl LIII

Sailgating is the New Tailgating

The Super Bowl LIII should be an exciting game to watch and we know that for those who won't be attending the actual game are in the works of finalizing those watch party plans. Well trust us when we say that you're much better off ditching the crowded bars or messy clean up by tailgating out to sea to enjoy this years intense match-up against the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. Or as we like to call it, sailgating, and with Boatsetter you can do just that! Boatsetter is the international peer-to-peer boat rental service, turning any ordinary weekend into an unforgettable one. All that is required of you is to huddle your watch party and select a boat of your choice! And in an instance, you've got yourself a sailgate that everyone will wish they were attending. I mean who wouldn't want to watch the Patriots and Rams beat it out on their own private boat rental, with 11 of their closest friends?

The Rest is Easy!

So now that you've selected your party team and the boat you plan to party on, here's a few things we suggest you bring onto the boat to make sure your experience is the ultimate sailgate:
  • Easy Appetizers: These are nice to munch on while you're enjoying the game. Committed fans may get a little stressed and with a few snacks provided, they can be sure to stress eat their worries away.
  • Beverages: We definitely suggest bringing water to keep you hydrated, but alcoholic beverages might add a little fun.
  • Sunscreen: Although it is February, the sun rays are just as strong. We highly suggest you applicate sunscreen before and throughout your boating experience.
  • A Captain: To ease the stress of your experience you may want to utilize a captain, especially if there are plans to drink alcoholic beverages.
Fans can enjoy the festivities in style with a great water view and jump into a whole new experience whether they are rooting for a specific team or are taking advantage of the American-wide celebration. We suggest you experience the Super Bowl LIII the only way you'll truly be able to enjoy it, by sailgating with Boatsetter.      


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