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Snowbirds, Why not Rent a Boat in Florida this Winter!

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
December 12, 2017

Winter is coming. Don’t be fooled by the unseasonably warm winter temps of late. The temps are dropping and the winter freeze is coming! Snowbirds don’t have to worry though because they’ve already planned an escape route and, for many, the path leads straight to the sunshine state.

Upon arrival in Florida, bask in the warm weather for a moment and then start planning ways to make this winter the best Florida winter ever. One of the best ways to make it happen? Rent a boat in Florida this winter. Boat rentals are the surefire way to take your winter escape in Florida to the next level.

Things to Remember when Renting a Boat in Florida:

Consider hiring a captain – Even the most experienced boater can often use the guidance of an licensed captain who knows the local waters. Hiring a captain for your boat rentals can ensure that you get to the best snorkeling places, fishing spots or dockside dining destinations.  Your boat captain’s insight to the nuances of the local waterways can also be invaluable and let you relax and enjoy the ride, worry-free.

Work with a company that cares about safety – Boat rentals can be the ultimate way to have fun but safety should always be of the utmost importance. When shopping around for boat rentals, be sure to pay special attention to companies that have on-water safety, require their captains to have the appropriate licenses and experience as well as insurance coverage.

Boat rentals from boat sharing companies create a private boating experience – Many boat rentals are available but not all are created equal. Boat sharing companies, such as Boatsetter, allow boat owners to rent out their privately-owned boats creating a private experience for boaters. These boats are not commercial charter boats . Your boat rental includes you and your party only.

Boating Etiquette 101 ­- Boating can sometimes be intimidating to the novice. If you don’t know your aft from the stern, check out these basic etiquette tips and you’ll look like you know what you’re doing – even if it’s your first time on a boat rental.

What to bring on my boat rental (demystified )- Once your Florida boat rentals are lined up, your next question might be, what should I bring on my boating trip? No problem, we’ve got the list you need here. And, if you decide not to check it out, just remember the sunscreen.

So, you’re one of those lucky ones that gets to fly away from winter. Great choice snowbird! Renting a boat in Florida might be just the thing you need to really make the most of your escape. Boat sharing companies, such as Boatsetter, have many boats to choose from in Florida and worldwide. It’s as easy picking a boat in your location, reserving the date and setting sail.

That beats shoveling snow any day….what are your boating plans this winter?

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