Why You Need to Rent a Luxury Boat in Fort Lauderdale this Summer

Renting a luxury boat in Fort Lauderdale just might be the best decision you ever make on how to spend your free time. Wait, don't roll your eyes. We know what you're thinking. If you've rented a boat in the past and had a sub par experience, you might be thinking: "It's not as glamorous as it sounds" or "thanks but no thanks. Plus, I don't like to fish." While boat rental in the past might have meant taking off for a day of communing with the fishes or risking getting a beat-up rental from a marina, that is no longer the case. What renting a boat in Fort Lauderdale means:
  • Spending the day with family and friends on a luxury yacht, cabin cruiser or catamaran sailboat.
  • Sightseeing and cruising through the beautiful waterways of Fort Lauderdale and South Florida in the lap of luxury.
  • Snorkeling, diving and water skiing in top destinations with an experienced Captain to guide the way.
  • Hiring a Captain to sail the boat while you relax.
  • Dining beneath the stars or sailing up to a waterside restaurant and "parking" at the dock.
  • Exploring, sunbathing and picnicking on remote islands and secluded beaches from Fort Lauderdale and Miami to Key Largo, Islamorada and Key West.
  • Returning from the trip relaxed, rejuvenated and already making¬†plans for the next trip.
What renting a boat doesn't mean:
  • Settling for a beat-up rental from a marina.
  • Spending the day fishing.
  • Stressing over running aground, when to adjust the trim tabs or how to get the anchor back in the boat.
  • Dealing with unprofessional, sketchy or micro-managing boat owners.
  • Returning from the trip tired, fed-up and full of grumpy feelings.
When you rent a boat in Fort Lauderdale, you'll spend the day on the water as you should: relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. Take this chance to try out the luxury boat of your dreams or provide your children and loved ones with the trip of a lifetime. Whether you take a day trip or spend several days out on the water, you'll quickly discover all of the benefits of boat rental. This time will be different...and much better!


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