10 Reasons We Love Boat Rentals

In no particular order, we've created a list of reasons our customers give for loving boat rentals. We invite you to add to the list or just give a thumbs up for your top reason. More reasons to go boating? That's what everyone needs, isn't it? Why We Need Boat Rentals in Our Lives: 10) Don't know how to operate a boat: Boat rentals are perfect for the inexperienced boater, especially if the boat rental is with a company that includes captains in the boating experience. These licensed pro's can get the boating fun started while all you have to do is pack the cooler and show up! 9) Traveling away from my boat: If your boat calls Chicago home but you're on vacation in Miami, once you feel the Miami sunshine and see that ocean, you're going to get the "itch" to go boating! Boat rentals are the perfect way to add boating-fun to your vacation even if your boat's left back at home. 8) I want to try it before I buy it: If you are in the market for a new boat but are unsure of what size, model etc to get, boat rentals create the best test drive ever! And, you might just find that your captain has some unbiased, insider knowledge of the boat's performance and features. 7) Love boating - just don't want to buy one: To love boating does not (necessarily) equate to a love for boat ownership. Let's face it, boat ownership requires financial outlay, ongoing storage and maintenance costs as well as time commitment...it may not be for everyone. Boat rentals provide access to the on-water experience without any of the responsibilities of ownership. 6) My boat is too small for my event: You may have the perfect boat for a Sunday fishing trip with your best buddies...but once in a while, have a need for a larger space. Boat rentals can  get you out on the water on those occasions when you need to accommodate a larger group. 5) I just want to kick back and relax: Boat rentals with licensed captains allow passengers to kick back and relax for a day of boating fun. No need to refrain from that adult beverages in the cooler or navigate the complicated waterways. You can relax; your captain's got it! 4) I want to chase the big fish: Whether you own a boat or not, boat rentals are a great way to curate an unforgettable fishing experience. You can connect with boat captains that know where and when to head offshore. Their fishing knowledge is usually the kind only locals have and could also include off-the-beaten-path snorkeling spots. 3) Forget the boring corporate retreat; your team can bond out on the ocean: Boat rental s create an exciting and fun environment for team building events. For, most likely, the same cost as a hotel banquet room, your team will be outdoors, enjoying fun and sun together. 2) Give the gift of boat rentals: Let's face it...gift giving gets harder and harder each year! For those people that deserve the best but have it all, the gift of a day out on the water will fit the bill. And, the beauty of it is: everyone's a winner, because you all sail out together. 1) There are places in this world that can only be appreciated by boat: Our planet is 70% water and some of the best places are accessible only by boat. Boat rentals can get you to that new vantage point offshore where the sunsets are brighter, dolphins come closer and bonds are formed that won't soon be broken. The reasons we love boat rentals could go on and on. But, we'll stop here and give you a chance to weigh in. Why do you love boat rentals? We'd love to hear! For a private boat rental that can include a US Coast Guard-licensed captain, check out Boatsetter's fleet of over 3,000 boats in boating locations worldwide!


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