What is Boat Sharing and What Does it mean to me?

Have you ever considered boat sharing? Boat sharing, or renting, offers a variety of convenience, economic, accessibility and even educational benefits. Much like the ride sharing of RideFinders or the home sharing of Airbnb, the concept of boat sharing is as simple as renting a boat from a reputable friend or business. As the renter, you have a wide array of options on style of boat, time frame of rental and price points. You can even hire a fully licensed professional boat captain to guide your day on the water.

Benefits of boat sharing

A greater variety of available boats Why stick with just one boat when there are, well, a boatload of choices? Traditional marina boat fleets typically offer one or two varieties. With boat sharing, the choices are endless. Depending upon the location, you could rent a sailboat, a speedy runabout, a luxury yacht or a cabin cruiser. A variety of price points Just as there are many boat makes and models to choose from, the price points run a full range. You can arrange a half day, full day or even multiple day private boat rentals. Go in on the price with friends and family to make it even more affordable. No hassle and responsibility of boat ownership Yes, you could buy your own boat. Boat owners often find out that the purchase price of a boat is the least of their economic worries. Boat ownership also entails slip and winter storage fees, insurance, yearly maintenance, fuel and any number of other costs that never fail to pop up. Why bother with that? When you rent a private boat, you can just enjoy the day and forget about the hassle. Boating is more accessible Boat sharing makes the boating lifestyle more accessible to those who might not have the time or cash to dedicate to owning a boat. It’s a great option for travelers who want to enjoy boating while on vacation. Even if you do own a boat, it’s just not feasible to stow it in your checked luggage. There are such strict regulations nowadays. Rent when it’s convenient for you Maybe you can only get out on the water a couple of times a year. Owning a boat wouldn’t be a good option in that case. When you have the time, simply book the private boat rental of your dreams and enjoy your day. Learn to operate a boat or brush up on skills When you rent a private boat, you can also hire a licensed charter boat captain to navigate the day. This is a great option if you’re new to boating and want to learn how to operate a boat. Likewise, if you have some experience, you can learn more skill sets from an experienced captain. Maybe you know all about power boats but want to learn how to sail. Boat sharing can make all of that possible.


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    Interested in renting a boat for the winter.

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