Winter is Coming: Game of Thrones tips to help you dress for Winter boat rentals

If it’s 45 degrees out and you’re out on you hop on your winter boat rentals wearing shorts and Birkenstocks, you might be in denial. Just like the Starks will tell you, Winter is Coming! Dressing properly for the season allows you to continue to enjoy your winter boat rentals, even as the weather transitions from cooler to cool to downright White Walker cold. Even in warmer areas like South Florida, a beautiful 70 degree fall day can easily become icy out on the water, especially when the sun dips and you’re cruising out in the middle of the ocean. Picking the right gear can make all the difference! Here’s the lowdown on what to wear for cold weather winter boat rentals to ensure you stay warm and comfy on those cooler days and nights, regardless of what realm you hail from. Layer It On Like Jon - Both you and Jon Snow already know this, but it begs repeating: layering is the best way to stay warm. Layering is like insulation—when you pack on the layers, each piece of clothing traps another level of insulating air to keep you cozy during your winter boat rentals. If the temperature increases throughout the day, you can always shed a layer or two until you're comfy again. Don't take it from us, the King of the North must be right! Be Smarter than the Night’s Watch: Wear a Hat - We lose body heat through our heads (nobody gave men of the Night's Watch that memo), so wearing a hat in cold weather is essential. A warm hat will go a long way toward keeping you warm on your boat rental. Bonus points if yours covers your ears, but even a cap is better than nothing. Get Medieval With Footwear - We love open footwear as much as the next boater, but when temperatures dip into the cooler realm, it’s time to get medieval with your footwear. Keeping your feet warm with a thick pair of wool socks and warm boots is a must for winter boat rentals. Remember to opt for larger footwear to encourage circulation (about a size up from your regular fit) if you intend on wearing the pair with thick socks. Wear Gauntlets - Whether you’re battling for the crown and the highest power of the seven kingdoms or spending a cool day out on winter boat rentals, gloves tend to get in the way. If you’re an angler, how hard is it to tie on a lure with bulky gloves? Same if you’re a sailor practicing your knot-tying abilities or cleating a line. Luckily there are lightweight breathable options out there that allow you to do everything from hooking lures and tying knots to simply scrolling on your smartphone or ordering your dragons to fly, all without having to take offyour gloves! It’s All About the Cloak - So maybe you opt for a basic windproof jacket instead of a cape or bloodied black feathers and leather. It’s up to you, of course. But a breathable windproof jacket will do wonders in keeping the cold air from penetrating your layers and maintaining your core temperature. We can’t say the same about Game Of Thrones-style capes and feathers. While it may sound daunting to bundle up like you’re off to battle White Walkers, Game of Thrones is really just fiction (as much as we love it!). The right cold-weather gear for winter boat rentals will result in you being able to boat, fish, paddle, or do whatever you want on the water, without feeling cold and uncomfortable. Winter is coming, Jon Snow didn't lie...but you can still get out there and enjoy the cooler weather on your winter boat rentals. Boatsetter has thousands of boats available to help you embark on the ultimate cold-weather boating adventure. Book your perfect winter boat rentals now!


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