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2007 - Correct Craft Air Nautique Crossover

24 feet

Up to 9 Passengers

375 Horsepower

THe Boat is blue, white, and grey with the AIR Logo in tribal graphics. Included are 2 wakeboards, 1 wake surf board, and a lot of water toys, including noodles, floaties, super soakers, etc. There's also a folding table and a mini propane cooktop for hot lunches on the water:) Here's some general specs and info: The Nautique SV-211 Team Edition is equipped to do it all. Decked out with Correct Craft’s driver-controlled stainless-steel plate called the Hydro-Gate at the stern, the SV-211 is capable of changing its running angle and as a result the size and shape of its wakes. Just slide the control to go from amplified wakeboarding ramps to mellow advanced recreational ski wakes. In fact, it’s the only V-drive with USA Water Ski class C tournament approval. But for all the SV-211′s crossover ability, it’s hard to deny that the Air Nautique Team Package gives it an unmistakable wakeboarding attitude. With 730 pounds of ballast and the Flight Control tower, it will be hard to resist launching off the swells behind this versatile V-drive. But at least you know you have the option. The Nautique SV-211 layout and seating leave lots of room for your family and friends to comfortably enjoy a day of skiing and wakeboard.\n


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