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Winslow 122

Up to 90 passengers

from 13.214,51 €

Boat details

Winslow 122′ is available to charter for short cruises, dinner parties, birthdays, weddings, photo shoots and any other event that benefits from a stylish setting. Over the years many people and organizations have enjoyed truly memorable events on board. Watching the lights of Manhattan. Seeing the sunset over Long Island Sound or sailing to the beautiful Bahamas. Events that will stay with you always. The event planning team are ready to organize your special charter.

Includes: Superbly catered, effortlessly enjoyable cruises to families, businesses, clubs and celebrities. If you require onboard music, dancing, catering and wait staff, all can be provided.



Passenger Capacity:90

Crew Capacity:2

Sleep Capacity:10

Year Built:0

Fuel Capacity:0