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Abacos, Bahamas

The Abaco Islands are the real hidden treasures in the Caribbean Sea, and they are one of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the world. They are famous for their natural beauties such as crystal clear water, amazing colorful reefs and numerous marinas waiting just for you. They are located in the northern Bahamas, and this 120-mile-long chain of islands captured many hearts with its scenic and picturesque look. Apart from offering countless amenities and having the most charming colonial towns, this destination is famous for being a boating and sailing paradise. So why wait any longer, hop on a boat and explore the Carribean magic!



Cruise Along the Islands

One of the most beautiful things about Abaco is certainly its clear waters that are perfect for sailing and cruising. The islands and outer cays created naturally secluded waters that are often called the Sea of Abaco, which is so calm and shallow and perfect for sailing. With a boat rental in Abaco, you get the opportunity to explore these waters in extraordinary comfort and luxury aboard a boat. Enjoy the shimmering shades of the water and the breeze against your skin while exploring everything the Abaco Islands have to offer.

Have a Tasteful Meal on the Boat

The local cuisine of Abacos has remained original and unique up to this day and that is one of the reasons people all over the world recognize it and love it. Fish, conch, land crabs and rock lobsters have for long remained the most significant part of the cuisine and there are so many variations to them that they are always a completely new and exotic experience. The restaurants are mostly inexpensive, offering the best traditional food. When you rent a boat in Abacos, you can grab a mouthwatering dish and sail out to the deep sea, to share it in the peace and quiet of the lulling waves. Enjoy the most exotic flavors with friends or a loved one.

Hop on a Dinghy and Explore

If you are one of those people who can never get enough of sea adventures, then a simple sail experience might not be enough for you. When you rent a boat in Abacos, you could explore the sea and hidden beaches on your own. Just use one of the inflatable dinghies available aboard some boats, and set off to your personal adventure. This way you can get even closer to the land and dip your toes in the sand, enjoying the perfect views of untouched nature.

Swim in the Caribbean

The greatest parts of any vacation are most surely sunbathing and swimming because without them the holiday just doesn't feel right. However, why just swim and sunbathe at the beach and in the shallow waters when you can go further. With a boat rental in Abaco, you can sunbathe on a deck of one of the boats surrounded by nothing but shades of blue and sound of the birds singing. The boats also have ladders allowing you to pick a perfect spot for skinny dipping in the sea and enjoying your vacation to the fullest.

Host a Sea Barbecue Party

Is there anything better than a barbecue where all of your friends get together, and you grill your favorite meat while drinking a cold one? There is. Hosting an unforgettable grill party aboard a boat rental at Abacos. Grill and sail around the Carribean at the same time, while watching the divine landscapes of Abaco Islands. Choose a boat with barbecue grills, and all you have to do is rent one and bring your cooking skills aboard. Good mood and great food are guaranteed!