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Berry Islands, Bahamas

While in the beautiful Berry Islands, visit incredible beaches at Great Harbour Cay, go fishing in Chub Cay, dive into Hoffmann’s Cay Blue Hole, and explore different kinds of wildlife in Shark Creek. The Berry Islands in the Bahamas comprise of about 30 islands and more than 100 cays - the perfect place to unwind and relax amidst pristine natural surroundings where you’ll find no humans for miles around. There are a multitude of opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving in the Berry Islands. Berry Islands are laden with numerous beaches, exotic dive sites, game fishing spots and are one of the finest places to experience water adventures and activities.




Amongst the many Berry Islands activities, diving in the deep ocean to explore the region’s exotic reefs, caverns, wrecks and the blue hole is probably the most adrenaline-rushing. The Hoffmann’s Cay blue hole is a 600-feet wide hole that attracts divers. A dive from a 20-feet high cliff overlooking the hole is an exhilarating experience. At the Mama Rhoda Reef, you can discover vibrant marine life and underwater formations like “Eel Garden”. Dive at the Great Stirrup Cay to explore the wreck of an unidentified ship or visit a named site to get a glimpse into the islands’ rich history.


The Berry Islands are well-known for sports fishing; the region hosts numerous championship tournaments as well. Chub Cay, also called the “Billfish capital of the Bahamas”, is a popular fishing spot where you can spot Mahi-Mahi, crawfish, bonefish, wahoo, and other varieties of fish.

Swimming with the Stingrays

At Pirate’s Way in the Great Harbour Cay, you can watch stingrays swimming amidst the crystal clear waters atop the sparkling white sands. You can even snorkel aside the rays - one of the most loved Berry Islands activities. Consider a swim with these incredible animals or enjoy feeding them.

Shark Creek

This is a pristine beach known for its crystal-clear waters, beautiful sands and its incredible seashells! You can spot a variety of marine life in its shallow waters – stingrays, baby sharks, sea turtles, egrets and snappers.

Great Harbour Cay

These are major islands in the region, which comprise of as many as 30 large cays and several small islands. Great Harbour Cay Airport serves as the entry point to the island. Great Harbour Cay has been the stomping ground of the rich and the famous for decades. The region is most known for its 7 miles long continuous beaches that are simply breathtaking in their natural beauty. Located in the Great Harbour Cay is the Sugar Beach that houses several sandy coves set amidst the rising cliffs. Numerous caves, ruins and thatchberry trees dot the beach. Not to be missed is the beautiful wildlife that inhabits the creeks.

Chub Cay

The Berry Islands are famous for deep-sea fishing. Known as the “Billfish Capitals of the Bahamans”, Chub Cay, the southernmost of the islands chain, draws baitfish into the deep sea gully. You can take a Berry Island boat rental to spot crawfish, bonefish, turtles, dolphins and conch, which are abundantly found in the region.

Hoffmann’s Cay Blue Hole

Hoffmann’s Cay Blue Hole is a 600 feet wide spectacular blue hole accessible by a horseshoe-shaped beach. Jump into the blue waters from the 20-feet high cliff that overlooks the hole to experience an incredible adrenaline rush. The cay can only be reached through Berry Islands boat rentals and it is believed that the only living inhabitants of the deep hole are oysters.

Savor this Bahamas paradise

Most of the islands are either uninhabited or can be reached only by boat. The Berry Islands have natural passages of deep water that make them ideal as ports-of-call in the Bahamas region. Whether you want to enjoy kayaking or sail on the dinghies and laser sailing boats, Berry Islands boat rentals are an ideal way to explore the region. You can even enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beautiful Dannenberg Beach or discover the wildlife inhabiting the creeks of the Sugar Beach.

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