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British Virgin Islands

The charming collection of British Virgin Islands consists of 4 large and 50 small islands. All of them are the pieces of the same volcanic archipelago, except for one. The flat, green line on a horizon you may see while sailing is Anegada, the island sitting on top of the coral reef. The islands offer numerous wonders, from shipwrecks and ruins to fine dining and sailing.  With the average temperature of 80°F and the characteristic crystal blue waters, it’s easy to see why people keep coming back. Experience the full beauty of this archipelago by renting a boat on the British Virgin Islands.



Explore the Devil’s Bay National Park

Named after its specific shape, the island of Virgin Gorda offers distinctive pleasures of the Devil’s Bay National Park to those with a knack for exploration. One of the main attractions of the park is The Baths, a natural collection of massive granite boulders, forming cave-like structures with separate pools of seawater. And what can beat swimming in your private pool while the sun shines above, through the openings in the ceiling? The best part is that you can sail there with your British Virgin Island boat rental, drop the anchor in Devil’s Bay, and dedicate the night to fine dining and some well-deserved rest.

Sail to Smuggler’s Cove

Everything you hope for in a Caribbean paradise can be found here. We highly advise going to Smuggler’s Cove with our British Virgin Islands boat rental service, since other roads are rough and dangerous. Apart from swimming, the crystal-clear waters of this crescent moon beach allow for excellent snorkeling opportunities. Unlike anything else you've seen so far, this beach provides one entirely unique activity. On the far western end of the beach resides a sea grape tree embellished by a spectrum of corals. The sculpture is ever-changing and open to your possible creative additions.

Go shipwreck diving on Cooper Island

Coral reefs are not the only home to the exotic marine life of the Caribbean. In the suitably named Wreck Alley, you will find yourself swimming among the remnants of several different ships. But, as opposed to what you may believe, none of these ships sunk accidentally. The first one was sunk in the '90s as an artificial reef, and the other vessels were added in the following years, the most recent one being deployed in 2009. It was an environmentally conscious way for preserving the reef, and we can tell you that it worked pretty well!

Search for treasure at Norman Island

It is said that this island is named after a pirate who owned it during the 18th century. But that is not the only pirate myth concerning this island. After all, it has been recorded that quite a few pirate ships left their bounty here! That being said, this island simply calls for adventure. Some of the local favorite spots to explore include the three water level caves which go deep into the cliffs, and whose darkness makes it seem like a night dive. Since there are no permanent inhabitants, the island is open to exploration. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to find the hidden pirate treasure!

Explore the ruins on Virgin Gorda

If you’re into history, head towards Mine Hill on Virgin Gorda. The ruins of the copper mine have withstood the test of time and were made into a National Park back in 2003. Its significance resides in cultural value for both the territory and its people. The ruins can be explored freely, or with a guide, whichever is your preference. Aside from the welcoming ruins, if you like bird watching, the site is home to the White-tailed Tropicbirds. With so many activities and hidden coves, there’s no better way to explore this beautiful region than with a British Virgin Islands boat rental.

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