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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a boater's paradise: visit the beaches and rainforests in Manuel Antonio Park, find sea turtles at Tortuguero Park, and go surfing along the coasts of Dominical and Santa Teresa. Famous for it's eco-lodges, Costa Rica offers everything from tranquil oceanfront views to exciting volcanos in the country's center, such as the Arenal Volcano.



Manuel Antonio National Park

Famous for its wildlife and tropical beaches, Manuel Antonio National Park should definitely be included on the list of places to visit during your Costa Rica boat rental beach vacation. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country and offers guided walks through the park. You will have a chance to see howler monkeys, sloths, and all kinds of birds. Some tour guides even carry tripods which are great for photography.

Marinas in Costa Rica

There are several marinas in Costa Rica, but there is only one full-fledged marina which offers all the basic facilities and it’s called Los Sueños Marina. It can accommodate 200 berths and is located just south from Golfo de Nicoya. Los Sueños Marina also features a fuel dock and a luxury grocery store. Golfito is home to Banana Bay Marina and Servicios Tierra Mar. Banana Bay Marina features several pricey slips, free Wi-Fi, and an upscale American-style restaurant. On the other hand, Servicios Tierra Mar offers bulletproof moorings which cost $8 and for just $4 travelers have access to the clubhouse that features showers, a massive deck, and satellite TV.

Tortuguero National Park

Situated on the Caribbean Coast, Tortuguero National Park is only accessible by a plane or a boat and is definitely one of the wettest areas in Costa Rica. Travelers with a Costa Rica boat rental can see hundreds of green turtles in the park, as well as dozens of sloths and monkeys. There are several hiking trails in the park and a number of beaches. Keep in mind that this coastal area is not the best destination for swimming due to the strong currents.

Father Rooster Bar & Grill

Dock your yacht charter and visit the famous Father Rooster Bar & Grill which is located on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Watch the sunset over the Pacific while sipping cocktails with the locals and eating tuna and fresh mahi-mahi. Travelers will find a variety of entrees and appetizers on the menu, as well as signature dishes such as the Rooster Burger and Fish Burger. Live music performances are held occasionally and the waiters at Father Rooster Bar & Grill are polite and attentive.

Santa Teresa & Mal Pais

Take a break from your sailing vacation and head out to the tiny village of Santa Teresa which is located in the south of the Nicoya Peninsula. Because of its secluded location, the beach in Santa Teresa is one of the best destinations in the country and attracts a number of surfers throughout the year. Go further south and discover the beautiful beaches of Mal Pais which offer the perfect getaway option from all the hustle and bustle of crowded beaches in Costa Rica.

KOKi Beach Restaurant Bar & Lounge

Conveniently located right in front of the beach in central Puerto Viejo, KOKi Beach Restaurant Bar & Lounge focuses on Latin food with a Caribbean twist.  Besides delicious Costa Rica dining options, this open-air beachfront joint is also famous for its chic design and the interior which was made from reclaimed materials. Expect to find plenty of local produce here and a variety of local dishes. The water’s edge is just a couple of steps away and the unique design details such as tables made from doors attract hundreds of guests each and every evening.


One of the most popular Costa Rica activities among travelers is fishing.  There are many fish charters that provide fishing rods and bait to travelers and several charter companies that offer various fishing tours. Thanks to the expansive coastlines and wetlands of Costa Rica, places like Los Suenos Marina, Crocodile Bay Sportfishing Resort, Marina Papagayo, and Marina Pez Vela are very popular fishing destinations.


In case you are into surfing, you will be happy to hear that Costa Rica is a well-known surf destination in Central America. You will find dozens of surf shops along the coast and there are many beaches where you can surf. Famous for their world-class breaks, Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point are probably one of the most famous destinations for surfers in the region.  Keep in mind that the Caribbean coast is only for experienced surfers, while the Pacific is suitable for beginners thanks to its variety of breaks.  There are even surf schools for beginners on the Nicoya Peninsula in the Guanacaste region and in the popular town of Jaco. Nosara and Samara also offer excellent surfing conditions.


A surfer’s paradise, Dominical is a charming town that features stunning beaches with shady trees, budget-friendly accommodation, and numerous open-air restaurants with spectacular ocean views. If you wish to find a secluded beach that offers some peace and quiet, go for a short walk outside the town. Thanks to its southern location, Dominical offers year-round perfect weather and lush vegetation.

Diving and Snorkeling

No beach vacation is complete without an opportunity to snorkel and dive. Luckily, Costa Rica offers dozens of places with ideal conditions for both. Pay attention to the beach currents, as some of the places feature strong rip currents that are not suitable for beginner divers. Head out to Isla del Coco which is probably one of the most spectacular dive sites in the country. You will also find great snorkeling around the national park of Isla del Caño that features a rugged shoreline. Snorkelers will have a chance to see a variety of marine life here including sea turtles, manta rays, several species of sharks, and pelagic fish. If you are sailing in the Caribbean, for ideal scuba diving and snorkeling visit Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge and Cahuita National Park.


For an ultimate Costa Rica dining experience head out to Lola’s, which is a hip beach café that offers a cozy ambiance and a beachfront setting with tables placed under the almond and palm trees. Sit on an African-style hardwood chair and order something from their delicious and heavily vegetarian menu. Everyone seems to be in love with the fresh fruit smoothies here and the vegetarian pizza is simply delicious. From meat dishes, you will find organic chicken and ahi tuna with dried tomatoes. Try the tasty mahi tacos served with rice and beans or order the amazing pesto pasta. Private beach dinners can be arranged in advance.

Nogui's Restaurant

Offering a friendly vibe and delicious food, Nogui's Restaurant offers one of the best dockside dining options in the area. Choose a spot close to the water and order a fish taco and some ceviche while watching the ocean.  Travelers will find typical Costa Rican dishes on the menu, as well as some of the finest pies in the country. There are many Costa Rica dining options, but Nogui’s Restaurant pies with chocolate and banana cream are extremely tasty.

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