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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Explore this hidden side of Mexico in a Puerto Vallarta boat rental. Check out incredible beaches like Bahia de Banderas, and visit Bucerias for incredible oceanside views of the Pacific. Puerto Vallarta is among the top tourist destinations in Mexico. One of the most popular things to do is to head down to the south shore with its shimmering turquoise blue waters or Yelapa Town which features waterfalls, hiking and a hidden beach! Afterwards, you can head out to the boardwalk for a lovely stroll on the town.



Dock up and go sightseeing

Renting a boat in Puerto Vallarta and docking it at the marina for a day trip will open up an entirely new dimension of sightseeing. It just might be one of the best ways to see the city at its fullest. Gaze upon the Boardwalk Malecon that starts from the Hotel Rosita, which became famous after hosting Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton back in 1962. At this boardwalk, you can also see many historical monuments, restaurants, and street artists. There is always something new to discover in this fantastic Pacific area with a Puerto Vallarta boat rental.

Las Marietas

The Marieta Islands have been nicknamed the Mexican Galapagos. Another great destination for scuba and snorkeling, they are located just a few miles off the coast from Puerto Vallarta and are complete with secret beaches to kick back and relax on and are truly just a great sight to see whether from the deck or from the ocean depths!

There’s little you can’t do with the perfect boat rental

The list of things you can do in Puerto Vallarta is extensive. Starting from a visit to Marina Vallarta and Old Town, better known as El Centro, to a variety of hiking trails and boat rentals. You can see plenty of beaches, coves, cliffs, and the abundance of the marine world. You will find yourself on a spot where there is an invisible connection between the mountain and the sea, which will make this trip unforgettable. Explore the shoreline of Puerto Vallarta and swim in the hidden and unexplored beaches for the adventure of a lifetime.

Go diving in the Los Arcos

In the south of the Banderas Bay, there is a protected area called Los Arcos, which means, “The Arches,” in Spanish. It’s a set of small, amazing granite islands which are visible even from the Puerto Vallarta downtown area. They got that name because of the arch-like rock formations they shaped through time. Los Arcos is most definitely one of the most iconic places in the Banderas Bay, made of five islets with heights up to 50 meters above sea level. This marine park is only accessible by boat and it’s one of the sites you shouldn’t skip on this journey. Los Arcos marine park is located right between the beaches of Mismaloya and Las Gemelas, which you can also visit with your Puerto Vallarta boat rental.

Explore the magic of Vallarta

If you are a fan of scuba diving and snorkeling, you can rent a speed boat. Here you can find marine life and a wide variety of birds. You can swim with rays, dolphins and numerous colorful fishes. Taking a boat around Puerto Vallarta allows you to see a variety of seabirds such as pelicans, bobos and many different species of parrots. Beside seabirds, this place is also famous for its deep tunnels, caves, arches, and stunning reefs along with the diversity of marine life. Don’t miss a chance for snorkeling or scuba diving.

Sailing is a good way to see the islands

Renting a sailboat in Puerto Vallarta will give you a chance to explore the area, enjoy the breeze, go fishing, and even make a picnic on a boat. You can always drop the anchor and spend the night on a boat, gazing upon millions of stars. You don’t get that in the crowded cities, for sure! Go snorkeling and diving, swim wherever you want, or rent yachts with additional equipment like canoes and paddle boats. Don’t miss the opportunity to fully explore Puerto Vallarta with the right boat rental!

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