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Punta Mita, Mexico

If you’re after a wonderful beach vacation that combines amazing water activities with quality time in the sun, you must check out Punta Mita. This fairly small but exciting resort is located on the northern shore of the Banderas Bay in the Mexican state of Nayarit. It is just 10 miles (16 kilometers) away from Puerto Vallarta, which is a beach resort city also worth visiting during your travels. The sun in Punta Mita shines 345 days per year. The average temperature doesn’t drop lower than 75°F (24°C). This attracts many American celebrities, including Orlando Bloom and Demi Moore. Beautiful beaches, exotic gardens, and a stimulating, fresh breeze make Punta Mita a true tropical paradise. The stunning Punta Mita nature is famous for allowing any kind of vacation you wish. Be it slow cruising along the shores or meditating in the gardens, you are sure to return home full of energy and exciting memories.




What do you want to see? Tropical fish, sea turtles, dolphins, or rays? Punta Mita has them all. Renting a boat and bringing some snorkeling equipment is a must-do part of any active Mexican vacation. You can enjoy coral reefs or go further to explore the underwater caves.

Garza Blanca

If you don’t like crowds of tourists, you can sail your boat to the Garza Blanca beach. The white sand and crystal clear water are bound to conquer your heart. Locals go to this beach on the weekends so if you want to enjoy full solitude, it’s better to go on a weekday. There are no amenities so bring everything you need with you.


Punta Mita offers you about two dozen surfing venues from which to choose. You can find the best surfing spots while walking along the shore or taking boat rides. This destination is rich with surfing venues for beginners but provides some exciting waves for experts as well.

Whale Watching

One of the most exciting Punta Mita activities is whale watching. The gray whales come between December and March as part of their migration. You can see them swim and play while taking great photos. We would recommend that you to rent a sizable boat with a captain, who knows exactly where the best whale watching places are. Since whales are not small creatures, smaller boats are not a good idea.

Sayulita Beaches

Sayulita is a village, which is a short boat ride from Punta Mita. The Sayulita beaches offer expert surfers an opportunity to hone their talents. So, if Punta Mita beaches are too mild for your surfing tastes rent a boat and head to the nearby Sayulita resort. If you decide to moor your boat and visit the village itself, you can enjoy small streets, local markets, and affordable meals.

El Anclote

This beautiful beach is a wonderful place to visit if you rent a boat. You can anchor your boat and enjoy an amazing surfing experience. Of course, if you are a surfing expert, you’ll need to look for something more complex. El Anclote offers a mild surf for beginners. You can find fishing boat rentals right at the beach and take a trip to enjoy deep-water fishing. The beach features several seafood restaurants that serve fresh catch.


Located right at the Las Cuevas beach, this restaurant offers a variety of grilled dishes. You can leave your boat nearby, enjoy a sun tanning or snorkeling session, and head straight for the pretty white tables. You can sit right near the water, enjoying a nice breeze and the sound of the waves washing ashore. You can try traditional Mexican cuisine prepared by the famous chef Richard Sandoval. We recommend that you ask for the grilled catch of the day. If you don’t feel like eating seafood, the meat and chicken with local seasonings are amazingly tasty.

Marine Safari

If you have an experienced guide, your trip to Punta Mita can turn into an exciting adventure. Marine safari tours include stand up paddling, snorkeling, swimming, and diving. You can anchor your boat for the day and have someone else show you the way around Punta Mita. This is one of the most exciting Punta Mita activities for families with children.

Mita Mary Boat Bistro

What can be better than coming back from a long day on the water and relaxing at the table of a great Punta Mita dining venue? This bistro has everything you need to quench your hunger and thirst while offering a spectacular view of the ocean. Since Punta Mita has a very mild climate, it’s almost a crime to spend too much time indoors. Mary Boat Bistro has open-air tables. Dock your boat and have a seat. You can try the local cuisine and enjoy the fresh catch prepped on the grill. Make sure to try the local favorite – fish tacos. Lobster and shrimp are delectable as well. If you aren’t planning too many more activities, you can ask for a shot of a local tequila or a glass of delicious margarita.

Oscar’s Fish Tacos

If you are looking to grab a quick bite without waiting too long or spending too much money, Oscar’s Fish Tacos is the place for you. It’s located near the famous El Anclote beach so you can enjoy a tasty lunch between your surfing, diving, or sun tanning sessions. While you won’t find any exquisite dishes here, the traditional local fish tacos are exceptional. At the same time, you can enjoy a wonderful service and a glass of cold beer. Oscar’s margaritas are also worth your while!


The overwhelming variety of fish allows you to choose anything from luxury deep sea fishing to simple boat trips. Fishing boat rentals are readily available at the resort. You can go boating yourself or hire a guide to show you the most suitable places for a big catch.

Marietta Islands

If you rent a boat in Puerta Mita, sailing to the Marietta Islands will take less than an hour. These beautiful uninhabited islands offer breathtaking views from the water and on land. You can leave the boat to swim to a hidden beach or take an opportunity to enjoy amazing snorkeling. These volcanic islands were nearly destroyed in the early 20th century due to military bomb testing. The uninhabited land has a certain air of mystery that will make your trip even more worthwhile.

St. Regis Beach

St. Regis is a beautiful white-sanded Punta Mita beach that offers wonderful views, mild waves, and grand snorkeling (except for the rainy season). Less than a quarter of a mile away, there is a small volcanic island. You can easily swim there or take your boat nearby. The marine life around this island is truly fantastic. If you love snorkeling, this is a great opportunity to enjoy it without anyone getting in your way.

Litibu Grill

Another beachside restaurant that you absolutely must visit. Besides the regular tables and chairs, it has hammocks and lounging sofas so you can truly relax after a day on the boat. Prepared from the fresh catch, the fish ceviche is truly delectable. Even if you are not a vegetarian, try their veggie burger. It’s packed with local fresh veggies and nuts and tastes truly amazing. Make sure to make reservations or you may not get a table. The place is very popular. Thankfully, they have an online registration form. Monday is their day off.


This restaurant is located at the Four Seasons resort. Unlike Bahia, it has a fairly attractive price tag while offering amazing views of the ocean. You can dock your boat at the beach and come to enjoy the high-end seafood dishes coupled with Latin cuisine. You can enjoy a large variety of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Visitors can choose from a la carte and buffet options. Try fresh fruits and veggies and tasty shrimp. If you come on a Tuesday, you can even take a cooking class.

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