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“I grew up near the Potomac River. My boating experience consists of driving my parents' boat, a 21ft and a 54ft, both Chris Craft. I've pulled skiers and cruised Belmont Bay and the river down to Tim's River Shore restaurant.”

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    Jul. 04th

    Laura says she is experienced, yet she didn't even know how to start the boat. I left the key in a safe location for her, as I was out captaining another vessel. Laura with all of her experience was not able to figure out how to start the boat. I cut my trip short to come back and help her, and that's when I discovered she had the key upside down, which probably caused the blower to short. The boat started right up and I showed them around, and i helped them put some music on (they were upset that she had to use her own phone to play her own music and was worried about her phone battery, and became upset that i didn't provide her with a charger) she literally responded with a "come onnnnnnn mannnnn". I drove them to the gas dock to make sure the boat was full to the top, because they wanted to ride alllll the way down to Tim's River Shore. I explained to laura and her friends that the entire area of the Potomac down to national harbor was a no wake zone due to the 4th of July, yet 10 minutes later I get a call from her asking for the registration because she got pulled over for speeding in a no wake zone. at this point she is upset because the registration card was not on board (I keep it digitally so that when someone gets pulled over they have to call me for it, this way I know if someone is breaking the rules) I sent the registration via text and spoke with the police officer via phone, at this point he let them go because there was nothing illegal other than the fact that they were speeding where they should not have. I keep my boats in good shape, and they are 100% sea worthy & the coast guard inspection sticker on the window proves that. after the fireworks show I witnessed Laura cruising my boat with no aft light on at night (highly dangerous), smashing into the pylons as she tries to park my boat, as she complains about the throttle being faulty. different boats have different feels, this is a high speed boat with lots of power, and may not feel like other boats she had rented in the past. Laura was literally upset about everything, the only reason she was delayed was due to her own inability to operate a boat. she refused to pay for the gas she used, and threatened me with her lawyer. She was very demanding and very rude, be very careful when renting to Laura. I gave Laura a 1 star to be fair.

  • 5/5 stars (5/5)
    Aug. 31st

    Laura was a great renter! Polite and easy to work with.