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  • 1/5 stars (1/5)
    Oct. 27th

    -Dan asked for a discount because he was going to charter from me every month guaranteed. I offered to make him a deal after the first charter. Besides, my boat is already the cheapest 60 footer in Miami. He asked a couple more times so I eventually agreed and discounted my rate even more.

    -Dan asked me to change the start time, no problem. We did.
    -(The day before his charter), he asked to change the date and time because his brother was having surgery on a Sunday (?). I agreed to reschedule. But I told him that I was booked for the date he was requesting, so I offered Oct. 27/28. He did not accept.
    -(On the date of his charter), he asked to cancel and get his money back if I would not book him for the date he wanted. I agreed to reschedule for a date that we were available. He made a huge fuss about it, and yelled at me about my family outing etc. At this point, he was combative and I didn't even want him on my boat. I advised that I would not accept his attitude and would not give him a refund. He said he would call Amex and report the charge as fraud and I would not get paid. He called boatsetter and complained. Boatsetter explained that he was a past customer with good reviews, so I agreed to let him reschedule if he was going to be nice, and that his deposit would be non-refundable if he did not make the next charter for any reason. He agreed. He rescheduled for October 27th.
    - A couple days later he asked me to change the time. We did.

    - Dan contacted Boatsetter one week before his charter on Oct 27th, and asked to reschedule because he had a highly contagious disease -or- he could send his guests without him. Boatsetter contacted me, and I advised that he could send his guests without him. I don't want to catch something that was going to make me sick.
    - Dan then contacted me and asked to change the date or he could come with his highly contagious infection on the boat if I wanted him to, but that I could catch it and be sick for months. I kindly declined his offer. I offered to take his guests while he stayed home and rest. I do not want to be exposed. He again threatened to contact Amex and dispute the charge.

    In closing, unless you want months of headaches and threats of not getting paid, I would not recommend this renter. I wish I never agreed to work with him in the first place but he lied about renting from me every month so I took the bait. My mistake.

  • 5/5 stars (5/5)
    Apr. 07th

    great client.

  • 5/5 stars (5/5)
    Dec. 08th

    Wonderful guests!
    Thank you Daniel for choosing us.Always welcome aboard!

  • 5/5 stars (5/5)
    Apr. 02nd

    Excellent renter. Great people to have onboard. Love to have you guys again on another charter.