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About Cesar

“I am a Network Engineer who is passionate about water sports. You won't be disappointed!”

Aboard since 2019

From Eagle Mountain, UT

Reviews of Cesar (5)

  • I had a poor experience with Cesar and Boatsetter. It felt like both were working against me. Boatsetter has no loyalty to boat renters, only to the boat owners. I rented this boat for a few days to take to Powell. Cesar was nice and accommodating. The boat was ok. Had to run the bilge pump almost non-stop for some reason. Ballast hose came off and flooded the bilge. The day after the trip Cesar accused us of breaking one of the surf boards, but we didn't even use that surf board. It stayed in the truck, we had our own. Then Cesar sent some photos of a large gouge and scratch on the side of the boat. Something that we certainly would have noticed/felt/heard happen. He insisted that it was us even though he had no photo or video evidence. I checked with everyone in our group and nobody noticed it happen or could even think of how it could have happened. So I told him I didn't think it was us and said it might have been the people that rented before us. He told me that he had thoroughly inspected the boat between rentals and that the scratch wasn't there and also made sure to mention that the previous renters were super rich so it definitely couldn't have been them. He reported it to Boatsetter, Boatsetter immediately charged my credit card, took my money, and gave it to Cesar without even talking to me. I looked at Boatsetter's terms of service and it states that if there is boat damage the boat owner has to provide evidence that the renter damaged it. The boat owner had no before and after videos or photos. He sent them a picture of the scratch, they determined that was sufficient evidence that WE scratched it, took our money, gave it to Cesar, and told me tough luck. They were in violation of their own terms of service and yet were absolutely no help to me. I continued to escalate it and determined that small claims court was the next step. Once I started that process Cesar finally decided to ask the previous renters if they had damaged it and it turned out that they had a before and after video from their trip and noticed that they had indeed scratched it! Cesar immediately returned my money via Venmo which I appreciate but overall the experience was very poor. Boatsetter needs to require before and after photos of every single rental, just like Turo. And if the boat owners want to claim damage they need to be able to prove that the renter damaged it. It's not the renter's responsibly to defend themselves against the boat owner, the boat owner has to be able to provide the evidence to Boatsetter before the renter is required to defend themself. Turo won't even talk to their car owners about damage unless there is clear photo evidence.

  • Cesar was great to work with, super friendly, accommodating and his boat is a dream! It was clean and ran great and is as gorgeous as the pictures show. After a thorough walk through on how to use the surf boat because we are used to our out board boat, we felt confident in taking it to Powell for a week and had a blast. Would definitely rent from Cesar again!

  • Great boat and a fun experience. Cesar was very fluid to help make my trip as awesome as possible. Huge boat with more than enough room for my party of 10, even with coolers and bags. The kids loved the tube more than I would have thought.

  • Cesar is a fabulous owner. Great boat!

  • Cesar and Shirlei are amazing!! The boat was in tip-top shape. They gave clear pre-board instructions, provided all the surf and safety equipment required.

    This wakesetter was a dream. We surfed, wake boarded, and water skied. I was pleasantly surprised how clean the wake was for each sport. Absolutely perfect!! I will be renting again! Thank you!!!