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  • 1/5 stars (1/5)
    Feb. 13th

    The most horrible clients. Came later and started complaining about everything. I gave them discount of $300 and Evan had a nerve to ask me if he can be 30 min more on the boat because HE arrived later...
    All group got very drunk , some of them threw up on a boat . However, they had a good time, which can be proof on vidio recorder.
    My crews were so nice that they still gave them 30 min extra, took care of them, clean their disgusting vomit...
    In the end of the trip Evan told my crews that they Don't deserve any tips. Him and his group DID NOT leave even $1 after captain and mate took them every where and gave them extra time.
    If you ever see this renter to not deal with him.
    Any boat owner can contact me directly and I can show a proof of my words.
    Also I will provide names and contact information all the guests who was with Evan, and I will ask Boatsetter to put them in a "black list".
    Evan was the most horrible and disrespectful clients when I have ever had. I am doing it for several years about 300 charters per year.

  • 5/5 stars (5/5)
    May. 16th

    awesome! great group!