Boat Right up: 5 Incredible Beachfront Bars in Ibiza

You don’t go to Ibiza to enjoy some roads and highways. It’s about the oceans, the beaches, the sun and the sand. That’s why it is one of Europe's top vacation getaways. You go there to kick back and forget your troubles and possibly get into a few new ones. Ibiza is best to enjoy by boat. You sail from place to place and enjoy the sights and sounds of the exciting things happening. While you are there, you must be sure to go to these top five beachfront bars in Ibiza.

1. Cafe Mambo

If you have to choose one spot in Ibiza (and hopefully you don’t) this should be it. Cafe Mambo iis the number one pre-party place in Ibiza and home to nearly all of the BBC 1 Radio Mixes from Ibiza. If you are into parties, electronic music and a good time then you must go here.

2. Cafe del Mar

Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar are good complements of each other. Although you can definitely have some fun at Cafe del Mar, it’s much more chill and a great place for a laidback sunset cocktail. It’s right where you want to be at the end of the day.

3. Sa Trinxa

Sa Trinxa is a good taste of authentic Spanish culture. Pull right up next to the shore and get drinks and food directly ordered to your charter. It’s own little world and kind of like a private taste of Ibiza that you can’t get anywhere else while perfectly threading the balance between chill and exciting.

4. Sunset Ashram

These can be fighting words in this part of the world, but Sunset Ashram claims to have the best sunset view in all of Ibiza. There is no better place to watch the sun dip into the ocean with an icy mojito in your hand and the ultimate vibes of this must-visit restaurant and bar in Ibiza.

5. Ibiza Rocks Bar

We’ve covered you on sunset. We’ve covered you on chill. And we’ve covered you on pre-party. Now it’s time for the late night spot. Ibiza Rocks Bar is where it all kicks off. You can still get some amazing food even late at night, but it's incredible deals on cocktails and great late night music make it the ultimate party destination.

Where You Going to Go First

It doesn’t matter how old you are. You can’t go to Ibiza and not party. So where are you going to head first? Charter a boat, warm up with a sunset cocktail and see where the night takes you!


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