The sea’s the limit

Whether it’s a short sail around the bay, a day-long fishing excursion, or a week-long island-hopping charter, Boatsetter offers unique on-the-water experiences for everyone and every budget.

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Share a boat

At Boatsetter, the only boundary we see is the horizon

Since our inception in 2012, we’ve made boating affordable and accessible for first-time boaters—500,000 and counting!—simply by providing an easy way to connect qualified renters, boat owners, and licensed captains.

As a result, we’ve become the world’s leading boat rental community. With more than 50,000 boats in over 700 locations worldwide, chances are there's an available boat near you.



“Provide boating and on-the-water experiences for everyone, everywhere.

The next wave of the sharing economy has arrived...
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Boatsetter is enabling entrepreneurship on the water. See how much money you can earn by renting out your boat »

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What is boat sharing?

Share a boat
Share a boat

Here at Boatsetter, we’re proud to offer the largest and most diverse fleet of peer-to-peer boat rentals across the United States and abroad. If you’re unfamiliar with what boat sharing is, that’s okay! A trailblazer in the global sharing economy, our always evolving online marketplace and booking services help connect current boat owners with prospective boat renters.

Our goal is to deliver easy access to boating for everyone, everywhere, while also enabling boat owners to earn money to offset the costs of boat ownership. Boatsetter empowers true entrepreneurship on the water. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with GEICO and BoatUS, we are the only insured peer-to-peer boat sharing marketplace in the U.S.

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Share a boat

That means that all boat owners participating on the Boatsetter platform can safely and confidently rent out their boats with the peace of mind that both owner and renter are protected by our policy.

Through the Boatsetter website and boat sharing app, renters everywhere can choose from a totally unique list of vessels that suit their exact needs, location, and lifestyle. Communication between owners and renters is easy and secure, so you can chat through the details and plan your day in an instant. Opt to have a licensed captain onboard for stress-free cruising, or take the helm yourself and set your course towards adventure.

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Whether it's a center console fishing machine to hook your trophy catch, a powerful wake boat designed to produce waves you can ride forever, or a party pontoon filled with music and good times, Boatsetter allows you to find the perfect boat for your next on-water experience—no matter where the seas take you.