Boatsetter community impact

Preserving our waterways for future enjoyment of all

At Boatsetter, we are conscious of our environment and the impact we have on planet water. Remaining mindful of decisions that affect our surroundings start from within and extend beyond the boating industry.

Wake on the water
Water clean up


As we connect with our local communities, follow our journey to have a positive impact on the world. Use #MindYourWake on social media to stay connected with community initiatives.

How Boatsetter is supporting the community

Local involvement
Our team volunteers to support waterway cleanups, disaster relief and similar causes within our local communities.

Owner community grant
Boatsetter owners can nominate 501(c)3 organizations in their own communities whose mission aligns to our core brand values to receive a grant to support their on-going work to help keep waterways clean and safe for future enjoyment.

Owner community grant

We value our owners and their dedication to creating unforgettable experiences on the water and in the community.

The Owner Community Grant is a program that supports nonprofits that align within the passion our owners have for creating a meaningful impact in the environment and planet water.

Nominations closed on September 18th and we are proud to support the 2020 recipients. Click below to see the list.

Learn about the Organizations Here