Boatsetter’s 2023 Waterway Clean-Ups | #MindYourWake

Written by Boatsetter Team
July 27, 2022

Get Out & Clean Up

As things heat up across the U.S., we are excited to soak up the summer sun the only way we know how: on the water! Boatsetter has made boating possible for so many people and now we’re taking it a step further with our #MindYourWake initiatives. Minding Your Wake means being conscious of your vessel’s ‘wake print’ and minimizing the impact boating has on aquatic ecosystems. 

As a core value, it’s important we set an example for recreational boaters and do our part to ensure these environments are around for future generations to enjoy – the best way to do so is to practice sustainable boating.

Along with sustainable boating practices comes a responsibility to clean up and preserve the very same environments we love to explore. 

To join in the fight of protecting and saving our waterways, Boatsetter continues to be involved in waterway clean-ups across the country. As a grassroots effort to invoke environmental change, coastal clean-ups are a great way to show you care. Not to mention that these events promote a sense of personal satisfaction and cultivate a unique environmental consciousness. Picking up someone else’s garbage makes you realize how much waste you produce yourself! 

Check out the details below for our 2023 clean-up events.


Schedule of Events

Part of minding your wake is generating a boots-on-the-ground presence to help mitigate the effects of pollution in real time. Also, collaborating with other like-minded organizations and combining our strengths is what will allow us to create the biggest change possible. This year, we’re doing just that!

Boatsetter Cleanup 2023


Broward County Waterway Clean-Up (March 2023)

For the third year in a row, Boatsetter is a proud sponsor of the 46th Annual Broward County Waterway Clean-up. Each year, several locations across the county host volunteers to help clean up the local community. We spent the morning clearing trash from the New River in Fort Lauderdale and made some new friends along the way.

Boatsetter Cleanup 2023_2

Clean Miami Beach: Earth Day Clean-Up (April 2023)

No better way to celebrate Earth Day than by coming together as a community and cleaning up the beaches we call home. Boatsetter is a three-time partner with Clean Miami Beach, who is making waves with their sustainability initiatives and bi-weekly clean-ups (like by helping pass the ban on cigarette smoking in Miami Beach!) Catch the Boatsetter team on April 22nd clearing trash and debris from Miami Beach!

Check back often for updates on upcoming events!

Interested in Volunteering with Boatsetter?

If you’re interested in giving back to your local community and helping to protect our aquatic world, waterway clean-ups are great environmental events to get involved in. Try searching for upcoming clean-up events in your area. Local county parks are a great place to start and have environmental programs and activities for a wide range of interests. During the past decade, Keep America Beautiful has collected over 750 million pounds of trash and recyclables and is a great organization to check out if you’re interested in hosting your own clean-up. 

10 Tips for a successful waterway clean-up

  1. Wear proper clothing (closed-toe shoes, clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, hat/sunglasses)
  2. Stay hydrated
  3. Apply reef-safe sunscreen
  4. Bring garbage bags and trash pickers if not already provided
  5. Always wear gloves
  6. Look before you grab trash—pay attention to any sharp or unknown objects
  7. Respect live animals nearby
  8. Recruit family and friends
  9. Wash hands and equipment afterward
  10. Post on social media to give recognition to the event and inspire others to take action!

To learn more about Boatsetter’s #MindYourWake initiatives, check out our Community Impact page or email us at

Other Ways to Help Keep Our Waterways Clean

Outside of volunteering your time to help mitigate the effects of pollution, there are a number of different things you can do as a boater to help keep our oceans clean

  • First, remember to keep all your trash inside the boat and never let it fall into the water—once you’re back on land, you can dispose of it properly. 
  • While refilling your boat’s gas tank, try to eliminate any oil or fuel from spilling into the water. If a spill does occur, notify marina management or local authorities immediately.
  • Additionally, be conscious of nearby coral reefs, seagrass and fish beds when anchoring. 
  • Back on land, try to take advantage of reusable containers and do your part in recycling items from your household.

To learn more about sustainable boating practices, be sure to read our step-by-step guide here.

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