Boatsetter Summer Splash 2018

Written by Kristen Rogers
July 31, 2018

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Boatsetter Team

On July 14th, 2018, the #1 Boat Rental Community, Boatsetter, threw its 1st annual Summer Splash event at Haulover Sandbar in Miami, FL. Family, friends, Boatsetter crew, and the local boat community came together to celebrate and kick off the Summer season. The free bash, which doubled as a raft up, included water toys, live DJ, fun in the sun and tons of giveaways.

The day started out with a boat ride over to Haulover Sandbar in Miami, FL on the Aquarius. There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun was glistening down on the water all day. Upon arrival to the sandbar, the first boat would be tied up to the Vice Boat to initiate the raft-up. Hundreds of boats with Boatsetter owners and renters flocked to the Sandbar to be a part of the Summer Splash event.

Soon after raft-up, SOFLO Main Events set up their system on the spacious Aquarius and began the bouncing DJ set that would set the tone for the day. Event-goers could climb on board and dance to the music or head inside the air-conditioned cabin to cool off and take a break. Floating water mats were unrolled off of the back of the boat, floats were inflated, and hydro-pong was out for play. Ample entertainment was offered on not only this boat but the Vice boat as well.

The Vice Boat truly lived up to its name. Offering more than just a place to hang out and chill, Summer Splash attendees could come onboard and enjoy a unique experience. Climb up the ladder to the top story and propel down the slide off of the pontoon and into the water. Surprisingly, the slide was a bigger hit for adults than children. The captain’s of the Vice Boat revved their Jet ski’s engines and took party-goers to and from the event.

Munchies, the floating restaurant, provided complimentary food and drinks for all those who attended. Boaters swam over and swarmed as the festivities were well under way. The Boatsetter crew was all in attendance as they tossed and launched free Boatsetter apparel and accessories to the crowd.

Summer Splash 2018 set the bar high and was truly a blast! Want to come to our next event near you? Follow our social media channels to stay in the loop and win giveaways throughout the year.





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