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Sarasota, FL

5.0 (2)

Aloha 23' Pontoon!

8 hours No captain
Up to 10 passengers

Sarasota, FL

0.0 (0)

Starcraft Deck Boat for Rent!

4 - 8 hours No captain
Up to 8 passengers

Sarasota, FL

0.0 (0)

Beautiful Grand Banks 52 Europa

4 - 8 hours Captained
Up to 12 passengers

Sarasota, FL

5.0 (1)

Beautiful Pontoon for cruising Sarasota Bay

4 - 8 hours Captain optional
Up to 6 passengers

Sarasota, FL

5.0 (1)

Fishing charters, sandbar tours, & sunset cruises!

4 - 8 hours Captained
Up to 6 passengers

Sarasota, FL

0.0 (0)

Double decker pontoon with a slide!

4 - 8 hours No captain
Up to 12 passengers

Sarasota, FL

0.0 (0)

Gulf, Reef and Bay Fishing & Sightseeing Charters

4 - 8 hours Captained
Up to 4 passengers

Sarasota, FL

0.0 (0)

Carver Yacht, Sarasota, Anna Maria Island, Egmont

4 - 8 hours Captained
Up to 6 passengers

Sarasota, FL

0.0 (0)

Leisure Cruise on 240CC Sailfish boat

2 - 8 hours Captained
Up to 6 passengers

Sarasota, FL

0.0 (0)

22' Pontoon Boat Rental

4 - 8 hours No captain
Up to 10 passengers
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Sarasota’s Most Popular Experiences

For your Sarasota boat rental, set sail from Lands End Marina, north of Tampa Bay.

Lands End Marina
Lands End Marina is a popular launching area with lots of bars and restaurants all around the Circles Waterfront. Have a meal of fried calamari or coconut shrimp before sailing off to do some fishing of your own.

Fish the Wrecks
Around the wrecks, you can fish for grouper, amberjack, cobia, shark, and barracuda. Sarasota has several wrecks just offshore that are good places to find these types of fish. Set sail from Sarasota and visit shipwrecks off Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, Siesta Key, and Longboat Key.

Boat Fishing
If you want to catch dolphin, tarpon, or grouper, you’ll find some of the best deep-sea fishing in the world on Florida’s Gulf Coast if you can get out on the water early before the break of the day.

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Sarasota Boat Rentals

Sarasota’s Best Bodies of Water

Siesta Key

Simply anchor your boat offshore at Siesta Key and enjoy the beaches, which have been rated some of the best in the entire country. When you spend your time out in nature on a Sarasota boat rental, you’ll make some incredible memories.

Longboat Key

You’ll find Longboat Key just south of Anna Maria Island, between Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Sail your Sarasota boat rental to Longboat Key and check out the beautiful houses and beaches. The high-end development here makes this one of the most expensive places to live in Florida.

Osprey Pier

Take your Sarasota boat rental to Osprey and explore the waters around the pier. Sometimes you can net fish from the beach or grass flats in the area. Explore the deeper edges of the flats and the sandbars that surround them.


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Frequently asked questions

How much is it to rent a boat in Sarasota?

The cost to rent a boat in Sarasota for a half-day starts at $160. For a full day on the water prices on average range from $320 and $4,300.

How much does it cost to rent a small yacht?

The cost to rent a small yacht in Sarasota starts at $1300 for a half-day on the water and $3,500 for a full day with a captain.

What makes Boatsetter different from other boat rental platforms?

What makes Boatsetter different is peace of mind. Boatsetter is the first and only boat rental marketplace to offer insurance on every peer-to-peer boat rental. We know choosing the right boat rental platform is essential to your experience while on the water. That's why we've gone the extra mile to focus on safety through our exclusive partnership with GEICO Marine and BoatUS. As the first and only boat rental marketplace to offer insurance on every peer-to-peer rental, you are protected during all rentals with insurance coverage and on-water assistance through TowBoatUS.

Can passengers drink on a boat in Florida?

If you operate a boat in Florida while intoxicated, you can face stiff penalties. Someone operating a boat with a BAC could be charged with the more serious offense of boating under the influence (BUI). This can include fines, revoked driver's licenses, and possibly jail time.

How many people can fit on the boat rental?

The number of people who can fit on boat rental largely depends on the boat's size and how many life jackets are on board. Currently the coast guard allows a maximum of 10-12 people on a Boatsetter boat rental.

How old do you have to be to rent a boat?

You must be 18 years old to rent a captained boat and 25 years old if you would like to rent a bareboat charter.

Do I need a boating license to rent a boat?

Boating license requirements vary from state to state. As a renter, you are responsible for understanding local state requirements.

Can you rent a yacht for the day?

Boatsetter allows you to rent a yacht for the day. Single-day yacht rentals are available for a select number of yachts. To chat with a yacht specialist please visit:

Can you rent a yacht for the week?

Boatsetter allows its customers to rent a yacht for the week. Renting a yacht for a week gives you more access to the wide range of yachts available on our platform. You can either book a rental directly through the site or connect with one of our charter specialists to plan your trip here:

Can you rent a yacht for the month?

Booking a month-long yacht rental is a detailed and hands-off process when working with our team of yacht charter specialists. We tailor each yacht charter to our client's specific wants and needs. Our luxury yacht charter specialists can be reached at (954) 715-4114 or by visiting

How to rent a private yacht?

Renting a private yacht is a very detailed experience that caters to your exact needs while onboard one of our luxury yachts. To plan your private yacht rentals experience please visit:

How much does it cost to rent a pontoon boat?

The cost of renting a pontoon boat depends on the size, location, and rental time of the boat. Prices can range anywhere from $200 for a half-day rental or just under a $1,000 for longer rentals.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

The cost to charter a yacht varies depending on the boat size and the length of the charter. Prices typically range from less than $1,000 to $5,000 plus if you're wanting to charter the yacht overnight.

How much does it cost to rent a boat for the day?

The cost of renting a boat for the day on average ranges from $200 to $1200. The cost to rent a boat varies depending on the size of the boat and the length of time that you will be using the boat.

How does the boat insurance work?

Boat insurance typically covers loss caused by things such as fire, sinking, storms, and collisions. The extent of the coverage varies depending on the policy.

Does Boatsetter screen renters?

Yes. We use a system called Cognito to ensure that payment information matches the renter's identity. We also require renters taking out a captained boat to be at least 18 years old and on a bareboat to be at least 25 years old.

Is listing my boat on Boatsetter free?

Yes! Listing a boat is completely free. We only take a commission when your boat is rented. We only make money when you do!

What if I'm not comfortable having a renter drive my boat?

If you are not comfortable having a renter drive your boat, we have an expansive network of licensed and experienced captains. Once your boat is listed, you can filter through our network of captains and favorite captains in your area that you would like to operate your boat.

How to rent a boat on Boatsetter?

At Boatsetter, our mission is to make getting out on the water as easy as possible. With our intuitive booking system, you can rent a boat as soon as today. -First, you must determine your budget and the type of boat you want to rent. -Next, decide where you would like to boat and the kind of boat you would like to spend the day on. -Finally, determine if you will be needing a boat captain and reach out to the boat owner. That's it! You're officially on your way to a fantastic day out on the water.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht?

The cost of renting a yacht depends on the boat's size and the amount of time you'll use the yacht. The onboard amenities and luxurious accommodations also dictate the price. You can contact our yacht specialists for a custom quote by visiting

Top boat rental reviews in Sarasota, FL

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  • 5/5 stars

    It was one of best service and the easy Experience. To renting a boat thx


    May 2021

  • We had amazing time. It was a little chilly but Will kept us dry. Had water and ice already. Great boat for fishing.


    Mar 2021

  • This was an amazing experience and I would rent again. The boat is new and in perfect condition. Rodrigo is a great...


    Nov 2020
  • 5/5 stars

    Thank you for letting us use your pontoon! We had a great time!

    See you again !


    Sep 2020
  • 5/5 stars

    Captain Frank was awesome! During our cruise around the Siesta Key on the spacious yacht, he offered welcome...


    Aug 2020
  • 5/5 stars

    Thank you for the great day. Highly recommended.


    Jun 2019

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