How Technology Changed the Face of Boating

Powerboaters and sailors agree that the GPS has been the single, most redefining element of modern boating but boat sharing with the onset of the sharing economy has changed the way people access boating.

Boat Sharing Creates New Options for the Boating World!

Technological advances in navigation and long-distance communications have opened up offshore racing and cruising and added safety and convenience. Sat phones can not only make calls but can also send email. Wifi is widely-available, reliable and often free. You can send email from most harbors around the world, which means you can still sail to distant horizons and be connected.

Here's how boat sharing has had an inpact on the boating world:

It's all about access! When anyone, anywhere has access to boat rentals and boat owners have new ways to help pay for ongoing costs of boat ownership and captains access new ways to earn an income out on the water...the whole boating world changes and grows. Boatsetter is at the forefront of how technology has and is changing the face of boating, as the leading peer-to-peer company offering captained boats to recreational boat renters. Owners rent out their boats for a half-day, day or longer with (and for experienced boaters without) captains. Boatsetter makes it possible for boat owners to earn income by renting out their boats when they aren’t using them, creating a fabulous opportunity for non-boat owners. A contributing factor to the success of the sharing economy but is a shift in desires by people who are looking for experiences not ownership. Demand for bareboat charters, or boats rented to be sailed personally is in high demand. Many people like to rent a boat, locals and out-of-towners, seeking to see the place they are visiting from the water. These boaters range from the seasoned, who want to operate their own boats, to newbies who will often charter a larger vessel with a captain at the helm. Boatsetter is one of the only full service boat sharing company where boat owners get more out of boat ownership, experienced or aspiring boaters can get out on the water, regardless of level of expertise, and captains can turn their careers into scalable, independent businesses.

Boatsetter offers:

  • Thousands of boats available to rent around the world
  • Expanded community of thousands of captains, marinas and partners globally
  • Cutting edge technology and top notch customer service — creating an unrivaled online boating community
  • The most comprehensive, best-in-class insurance policy available in the peer-to-peer industry
  • The best on-water safety provided by marine industry leaders
  • Continued commitment to being the destination for great on-the-water experiences
Every Boatsetter boat rental comes with free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance. You can also choose to book a captain with your reservation. Your local guide can show you the ropes and be sure to brush up on our tips in order to have the best boat sharing experience ever. Check out our boat sharing options online and make your boat rental reservation today! Happy cruising!


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