Atlantic Beach, An Eastern Seaboard Getaway

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Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Known as the one of the five communities that lies on the Bogue Banks in eastern North Carolina, Atlantic Beach is a subtropical paradise. Categorized with warm and mild winters and hot and humid summers, this destination allows for visitors to enjoy warm whether and the Atlantic Ocean breeze year-round. While some visitors come to lay on the beach on soak up that North Carolina sun, others come to unleash the angler inside of them and go fishing for some of the areas Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish. Whatever your needs may be in your Atlantic Beach vacation, there’s little you can’t do with the perfect Atlantic Beach boat rental from Boatsetter.

Rent a center console and go fishing

Now that you’ve got your boat rental in Atlantic Beach ready to go, it’s time to cruise the water in style. Whether you’re cruising in a Sea Hunt boat or a Carolina Skiff, you can live the life aquatic and cast your line into the cool, blue waters of the Atlantic. Renowned for having some of the best Spanish Mackerel in the Atlantic, this little sound in the Bogue offers some of the best fishing opportunities on the eastern seaboard. And if that’s not enough, you can give the rod a rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds this beautiful piece of North Carolina’s coast.

Take the boat and go dolphin sightseeing

Spotting a school of dolphins from the beach might not be so easy. But with your Atlantic Beach boat rental, you can cruise on out into the ocean and witness the beautiful harmony these animals embrace when they’re together. Since Atlantic Beach is known for its frequency of dolphin sightings, there’s a great chance you will be able to see them just about any time of the day. With their aquatic charm, these Bottlenose dolphins have called the eastern coast home for as long as we can remember and they truly are a sight to behold.

Watch the horses from Shackleford Island

Now that you’ve done a little fishing and sightseeing with the dolphins, it’s time to take your boat rental over to Shackleford Island. Known for its herd of more than one hundred wild horses that roam the island, it’s the perfect place to witness these beautiful animals living without the help of man. What used to be a settlement in the 1800’s called Diamond City, this island is home to several abandoned establishments and even sees a large migration of sea turtles and crabs in the summer months.

Dock up at Oceana Pier and Pier House Restaurant

After a long day of fishing and sightseeing on the water, it’s time to dock up your Atlantic Beach boat rental at one of Atlantic Beach local eateries. Right off the shore, and connected to a fishing pier is the local favorite Oceana Pier and Pier House Restaurant. From here, you can enjoy some of the area’s best seafood and even fish from the dock while you wait for your order. With its panoramic view of the Atlantic, it’s the perfect place to wind down after a long day on the water and watch the sunset.

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