The 5 Best Boating Apps for Any Boater in 2019

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Your Guide to the Boating Apps that Will Make Any Boater's Life Easier

Can a smartphone make you a better boater? We think so! Every year brings more advanced technology for boaters, improving the boat rental experience from reservations to clean-up. From Boatsetter’s Owners App all the way to Navionics Boating, we’ve compiled this useful guide to help give you the best boating experiences possible, courtesy of Boatsetter. Before you set out on your boat rental trip, download these apps for a hassle-free boating experience. This way, you can rest assured that your boating experience will be hassle-free for you and your entire crew!

Boatsetter Owner’s App 

When it comes to managing your Boatsetter bookings and reservations, there’s no better app to have on hand than Boatsetter’s Owner’s App. With our custom built app, you can view trip requests right as they arrive, approve or decline these requests, view your trip itinerary, and securely communicate with renters and captains with our private messaging system. Additionally, you can also manage your boat listings, so when it comes to managing your bookings as efficiently as possible, this app is simply amazing.

Navionics Boating 

When it comes to boating navigation apps, Navionics Boating takes the helm. As captains and anglers alike, we know that the most important safety feature you can have when on the water is an understanding of where you are in relation to the coast. Navionics Boating is a GPS app that offers auto-routing. This way you can always stay up to date with accurate GPS information on where your boat is in location to the coast!

Boating Suite

Experienced boaters will tell you that logging your trips is a good practice to follow. After all, you never know when you might need to reference a previous trip for mechanical, financial or legal reasons. Boating Suite is a boating log book that allows you to store this information and more. So the next time you need to check your logs for past trips, you can rest assured that all your important information will be logged in the same place, on the IOS or Android cloud.

Fish Brain 

When it comes to the landing the perfect catch on the line, whether you’re fishing from the shore or deep sea fishing, you should share that catch with the world! Fishbrain is an app that allows users to log their catches and share photos of the most memorable fish they have caught. Photos can be shared either publicly or privately, so you can make sure only the people you want to see how great of a fisherman you are will.

Friend Mapper 

Metting up with your friends for a little fun in the sun is what keeps the world going. Let’s say you leave at 10 a.m. and are on the water when your buddy calls and says he just launched and has lunch for everyone. Good luck trying to meet up in the middle of the ocean. After all, it’s a gigantic place and with just the coast as your guideline, it can be tricky to meet up with others once you are on the water. Friend Mapper is a device that lets you track the location of other phones, which makes finding others a whole lot easier. This way you can anchor up at the nearby sandbar and enjoy that endless summer weather together.

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